Keeping Your Little Ones Busy This Summer

Keeping Your Little Ones Busy This Summer

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The last days of school are approaching which means that our kiddos will officially be ready to start summer. With Summer brings new adventures and lots of free time. I have four children ages six, four, two, and six months so let’s just say I’m always looking for something fun to do.

Let’s get Summer started! 

Grill It

Grill It Play

Have a summer cookout. Cookouts are so much fun, and while the adults are outside grilling what a better way then to let your little ones grill their own food too? Kids grilling food, well that’s just silly. Not with the adorable Grill it by Learning Resources. Great for ages two and up! This grill set comes with twenty-two pieces of fun.  Making endless combinations of fun food for your little ones. This a great way to work on those fine motor skills and sharing skills. My kids were so excited when we opened the box. Now they can grill just like daddy. Want your very own Grill it, Check out their Amazon and Facebook pages.

Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote

Pack a bag for some outdoor summer fun. For me having four kids I need something that is going to be big enough to pack everything in but I still want it to be stylish. Usually, I want to be able to fit at least one change of clothes for each kid, diapers, and wipes for the younger ones and messes. Sunscreen is always a must, plus plenty of room for snacks and small toys to tag along. I also need plenty of pockets for sippy cups and water bottles. This  Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote fits all my needs. It has 7 outer pockets and a zip top.  You can even get it personalized. Thirty-One has some amazing bags that fit your need big or small! This bag is perfect for any occasion and lets me take along the essentials.

taking a walk

For me Summer isn’t about where we go, it is about going together. It is about tiny giggles in the evening chasing fireflies while the sun fades behind the clouds. It’s muddy faces and hands and a fist full of wildflowers. It’s about being silly and laughing until your sides hurt. Sticky hands from ice cream, or playing in the water hose. Summer to me is about spending time with the ones you love, from cookouts to trips to the park, making sure you are making the most of the days because as I’ve gotten older I’m starting to see how fast the time flys. My oldest is finishing up her last week of kindergarten and I can’t believe that it has gone by so fast. I hope everyone has a fun-filled Summer full of laughs and smiles.

What are your big plans for the Summer?


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  1. I strongly believe that small kids must interact with natural toys like stones, sticks, leaves and so on. They don’t have to be in a sterile environment all the time

    • We love the outside, our goal is to try and spend outside time as much as possible! I think everyone not just kids could benefit from more fresh air.

  2. Oh man. It should be interesting to see how my husband and I keep out kids in the future busy. We know we will definitely put them in camps and such – GOLF CAMP, lol – but when they are not old enough… Hmmmm – should be interesting!

  3. Thank you for these ideas! I babysit/nanny often and also have a 3yo niece…..definitely saving for later!

  4. I love the Grill It from Learning Resources! It looks like so much fun for the kiddo’s to be able to grill their own food while mommy and daddy are grilling as well. The zip-top Organizing Utility Tote would serve any mom well or grandmother for that matter.

  5. These are wonderful Ideas, I am sure parents will love to read them!

  6. What a great list. These are excellent suggestions I’m sure any little kid would love! I better get shopping!

  7. These are all such fun ideas for parents of littles!!!I loved encouraging outdoor play for my boys! 🙂 I just love being in nature and shared that love of outdoors with them 🙂

  8. Summertime is outdoor time and its great for kids to spend as much time outside as possible. We love picnics and going to the beach.

  9. I had play food similar to this when I was little. I’m not surprised that the food now looks more edible than the food I had. lol

  10. Elizabeth O says

    You look totally set for the summer sun. I really like the bag, its stylish and convenient! Play food is also a great toy for little ones, I really like the bright colours.

  11. It’s so nice to be able to keep them busy this summer, it keeps their minds and their bodies active and healthy. It’s very important that you’re prepared as well. Love the toys!

  12. You guys are all set for summer looks like. I have a 1 year old and keeping him busy is a whole other story, haha.

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