Keep Your Skin Glowing Even On-The-Go

Back to school time is here! My son heads back to school in just a few weeks. Yes, I am already counting down. Kids are headed back to school. Kids are headed off to college. We found a handy little skincare set that will help you keep your skin glowing even on-the-go! 

Keep Your Skin Glowing Even On-The-Go

After hearing about bioClarity on some of my favorite podcasts, I knew I had to try the brand. I was lucky enough to try the brand earlier this year, and I am still using the products! When you use their products, you can nourish your skin with plant-based goodness! I am impressed that they are vegan and cruelty free skincare products. As a consumer, I am more picky about the products I buy. I try to choose natural beauty and healthier foods.

At the time I started using bioClarity, I was experiencing breakouts and nothing I tried was working! After a few weeks of using the Clear Skin Routine and Clarifying Masque, my skin cleared up without irritation and dry skin was gone. 

Let’s just say, I am thoroughly impressed with bioClarity that when/if my son has skin issues, I feel confident that the brand is gentle enough for his skin. 

Garden Glow Mini Set

For Glowing Skin On-The Go

The Garden Glow Mini Set contains TSA-approved products! These come in handy when you travel out of town for the weekend or longer! The set comes in a cute canvas bag, which can double as a wristlet or use it to hold makeup, hair, skincare!

The Garden Glow Mini Set includes:

CLEANSE Keeping it Clean mini

CLEANSE Keeping it Clean (1 fl. oz.)

Clarifying Masque mini

 Clarifying Masque (Net wt. 0.75 oz.)

RESTORE Power of Green mini

RESTORE Power of Green (0.5 fl. oz.)

Hydrate Skin Smoothie mini

 Hydrate Skin Smoothie (Net wt. 1 oz.)

bioClarity Carry-all canvas bag

Carry-all canvas bag

I was lucky enough to try (and still use) the CLEANSE Keeping it Clean, RESTORE Power of Green, and Clarifying Masque. The only new product is the Hydrate Skin Smoothie! The canvas bag is a fun bonus that I will continue to use! 

The Hydrate Skin Smoothie is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. When I need that extra layer of moisturizer, Hydrate Skin Smoothie is perfect. After using CLEANSE Keeping it Clean, I then apply a layer of RESTORE Power of Green, followed by Hydrate Skin Smoothie.

Keep Your Skin Glowing Even On-The-Go - social media

The Garden Glow Mini Set for any lifestyle! Maintain your glowing skin, even on-the-go! The canvas bag will come in handy because it keeps everything in one place and you can easily throw it in your gym bag, luggage, carry-on, or tote bag!


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