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A few weeks ago, my husband received a notice for jury duty. The first and only time I was called for jury duty when I was 18 or 19 years old. At the time, I was going to school full time and working part time, so my schedule was pretty busy. I replied back explaining to them that I was unable to do jury duty due to school and work and thankfully I did not have to go.

My husband has jury duty early next month. I am going to take the day off because our son is out of school, so I need to be home to watch him. Our son has special needs and we do not know of any daycare centers for children with special needs. Plus, I don’t think we could afford a daycare let alone trust anyone else to watch our child.

On one hand, it does not make sense for me to take a day off so that my husband can go to jury duty and earn about $14 for the day. He will spend that much on gas and snacks or lunch for that day. While I will not lose a day of pay, I am still the one who pays all of our shared bills. It annoys me that I will have to use a vacation day.

On the other hand, I will enjoy having an extra day off from work. I like my weekends as it gives me time to recharge. I also use my days off to catch up on laundry and do a little cleaning around the house. Now I will have an extra day to be home.

My husband works part time and home during the week. Even though he is home so much during the week, I still have to do laundry and the dishes most days.

Have you ever been called for jury duty?


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  1. Christina Hitchcock says:

    Yes, I have been called for jury duty quite a few times. I usually can get out of it, but one time I had to go. I actually got called into the courtroom and while they were questioning the jury I realized I knew the arresting officer so after 2 days I got out of it.

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