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I love wearing perfume. It makes me feel feminine in my house full of boys. I love trying new fragrances and you can tell with my ever growing collection of beautiful perfume bottles. I admire and treasure each and every bottle I have. I wear them based on my mood and my outfit of the day. When I was asked to try Jessica Simpson’s new fragrance, I quickly accepted. I received a sample product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

Inspired by the journey every woman takes through her lifetime, her latest signature fragrance, Jessica Simpson provides a mood-changing scent elevated by a sophisticated femininity exuding confidence and passion. The heart of the fragrance is a romantic floral bouquet of frangipani, night blooming jasmine, orange flower and tiger lily. Warm, satisfying dry notes of white chocolate vanilla bean accord, sandalwood, tonka bean and drift wood round out the natural beauty of this harmonious signature scent.

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I remember following Jessica Simpson when she and her husband at the time had their reality show. I really did enjoy watching their show. I felt like I could relate and connect with her because she and I are the same age and I was also a newlywed at the time. Going through the same circumstances as a celebrity allows me to connect with them. When I was pregnant with my son, another celebrity was pregnant with her daughter.

Jessica Simpson’s Signature

I received Jessica Simpson’s Signature last week and have been wearing it ever since. When I first opened the package, I noticed that the box and bottle are light pink and gold. I love the overall feminine look. The gold gives the bottle a bit of class! I also like that Jessica’s signature adorns the bottle. The top is gold and the design is of feathers that wrap around the top of the bottle.

Jessica Simpson’s Signature selfie

The fragrance itself starts with sweetness mixed with floral scents. I love the fragrance and the way it smells, however, I found myself having to spray on throughout the day when I needed a refresh. The scent does not last very long. I definitely do not mind adding another spritz of perfume when needed. It is a beautiful fragrance. It may be too sweet for others. I use just one spray at a time as it is strong while it lasts.

I am so thrilled to add Jessica Simpson’s Signature perfume to my collection! The bottle, the colors are so pretty! The gold lettering and gold feathers wrapping the bottle remind me of strength, power and wisdom.

Available in-store and online at Macy’s for $65.00 (3.4oz).


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