InstaNatural Phytoceramides & Vitamin C Serum

InstaNatural Phytoceramides & Vitamin C Serum

Beauty Brite Disclosure

After reviewing Argan Oil from InstaNatural, I was asked if I wanted to review for them again! I received Phytoceramides & Vitamin C Serum to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


• Restores the natural ceramides lost as you age.
• Moisturizes skin from deep inside to reduce roughness, dryness and flakiness.
• Fights signs of aging, reduces wrinkles, fine-lines, age spots.
• Improves skin cell structure to provide smooth texture, whiten and brighten the skin.

Vitamin C Serum

Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C + E actively fights free radicals, thereby reducing oxidative stress, DNA damage and cellular aging.
• Vitamin C plays a vital role in Collagen synthesis process that reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
• 20% Vitamin C stabilized by the Ferulic Acid acts as a depigmentation agent which lightens the skin.
• Vitamin C and E optimize each other’s antioxidant properties. This combination can help prevent scarring and age spots and increases skin hydration.
• Vitamin B3 reduces the visibility of melanin, while Vitamin B5 increases the skin whitening ability of Vitamin C and improves skin’s hydration levels.

I have been using both products for a few weeks now. The Vitamin C Serum is very gentle on my skin. As per the directions, I can use as often as I need. I use it twice a day after I wash my face and apply just before I use moisturizer. I allow the serum to absorb into my skin before applying my moisturizer. The serum is very gentle and mild on my skin. My skin looks brighter and feels smooth to the touch. The cold weather is harsh on my skin and sometimes leaves my skin with dry spots. The serum is moisturizing and non-irritating.

The Phytoceramides is a unique product. It is Gluten and wheat free. I take it every morning right after breakfast. It is very gentle on my stomach. I have not noticed any bad side effects as far as an upset stomach.

Since I have started using both the Phytoceramides and Vitamin C Serum, my skin feels so soft and looks healthier. My skin glows and lotion just absorbs quickly and easily into my skin.

I am thoroughly impressed with InstaNatural’s products. They are natural and organic skin care products that I prefer to use. I feel confident when I use products that are good for my body on the inside and outside.

You can find InstaNatural on their website and Facebook.

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