Inspire Zen With A Natural Bamboo Diffuser

Inspire Zen With A Natural Bamboo Diffuser

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I received my first oil diffuser about a year ago where I learned to how to naturally wind down or reenergize! I found out how fun and simple it was to care for my family’s health and clean naturally around our home as well. Since then, I have tried a few other oil diffusers. I quickly learned what to look for when purchasing an oil diffuser.

First, the size of the water capacity matters! I am the type to leave my diffuser going for hours and even overnight. You want a diffuser that is 200ml or more.

Second, the design of the diffuser matters as well. I have a few that spill with the slightest movement. I like to keep my diffusers clean, so I do have to pick them up to bring them to a sink. With just the slightest movement, I end up with water splashing out.

I am so thrilled to introduce a beautiful and unique looking diffuser! Meet the Bamboo and Glass Essential Oil Diffuser:

Bamboo and Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

First and foremost, I am amazed at the 1200ml water capacity! When the product arrived, I was amazed at how huge it is! As you can imagine, the oil diffuser can last a few days before needing more water.

I make a point to clean my diffusers at least once a week. They can easily get foggy and dirty looking inside.

I find the Bamboo and Glass Essential Oil Diffuser easy to use because it offers auto shut off at low water level. There are no buttons or different light settings to worry about either. To turn it on, you just plug it in! To turn it off, just unplug it.

Bamboo and Glass Essential Oil Diffuser side view

Overall, I adore the Bamboo and Glass Essential Oil Diffuser!  It is easy to use and maintain.  The glass allows me to see the water level.  Adding essential oils is simple, no need to remove anything.

While the Bamboo and Glass Essential Oil Diffuser has a huge water capacity, you have to watch the water levels.  It will automatically turn off when the water is too low.  Mine stopped working even though the glass container looked completely full.  The 1200ml water capacity is a little misleading because it will turn off when the water level gets too low (which isn’t that low).

Using an oil diffuser and essential oils are a great way to naturally add scent and humidity to our indoor air. Oil diffusers also help to purify our air.

You can find ToiletTree on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. gloria patterson says

    I was very interested till the part unplug and plug to turn on and off. I agree with the clean but I would want a button to turn on and off

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