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The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. As for most, I assume, the fireworks shows are the main attraction. They are so beautiful, like exploding flowers in the sky.

They touch something somewhere deep down inside, ya know? It’s like once a year, for a brief moment in time, I’m transported back to childhood where things are simple and uncomplicated. It’s just pure joy.

4th of July-Pop its and taffy

One of the things I like best about any holiday are the themed candies, desserts and other foods. My daughter has caught this bug, she bought these 4th of July themed taffy candies as a gift for her Mamaw this year. And of course, I got my kids their own Pop-Its to play with.

My mom never would let us handle fireworks, for obvious reasons. So aside from sparklers, Pop-Its were our favorite Independence Day tradition. We threw those fun little noise makers all over the place!

Once, when I was a teen, I spread several boxes worth of Pop-Its across the road in front of our house just around dusk. Then my brother and I climbed up on the roof (courtesy of a tree limb) and waited for cars to drive by. Oh my!

Looking back on it now, it’s amazing there wasn’t a car crash, because when people drove past and all the pops started going off they would swerve at the unexpected exploding noises! A few cars even turned around and trolled back by. I can’t believe no one ever figured out who did that!

4th of july wreath

My sister likes to make wreaths and she’s pretty great at it, if I do say so. She made this little beauty for one of our other sisters. She made one for me of a sunflower with a ladybug that I’m so in love with!

Ladybug wreath

Have a very happy — and safe — Indepence day! What are your favorite 4th of July traditions?







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