I Feel Obligated To Be Available

I Feel Obligated To Be Available

As a wife and mom, I definitely feel obligated to be available at all times. Being a mom never takes a break, unless of course your child is at school! I love when my son is at school because it gives me some quiet time to get work done. When he is home with me, he can take up so much of my time and energy. He always wants food or to play throughout the day. He is not the type to leave my side to go play on his own very often.

I do enjoy being a stay at home wife and mom. I am able to take care of our household. When I was working full time and my husband was working part time and a full time stay at home dad, he did not really help out around the house. When I got home from work, I still had to clean, do laundry and everything else. In essence, I had two full time jobs! It was unfair. That is why I like working from home.

As for me, I consider my down time to be during the week when our son is at school. I savor the quiet environment. I can take the time for fitness and blog work. I get so much work done during the day. There are times when I do write a few notes down for future posts in the evening. If my son is content and watching his cartoons, it gives me a few moments to write or organize my schedule for the next day!

On a good note, I find myself having more motivation these days especially since the New Year! Each morning, I look forward to starting my day with fitness! I really think having my FitBit Zip helps keep me accountable.  I am able to get 5000-6000 steps after walking and jogging on my treadmill!

Do you feel you have to be available at all times? How has this affected your down time?


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