I Check My Phone Too Often

I Check My Phone Too Often

If I am being honest, I really am afraid to count how many times I check my phone throughout the day! Have you ever counted the number of times you have checked your phone?

I use my phone for everything, literally. When I turn off my laptop, I use my phone to check email, social media and my blogs (Beauty Brite and Shefluential). If I need to make myself a note, I will email myself or make a list on my phone. I am always working throughout the day! Whether it is thinking of a blog topic, what to write for upcoming reviews, checking on my review team, or checking emails. My work really doesn’t take a break until the evening and even then, I like to do some writing then!

I love using my phone to listen to music. I have a few music apps such as Pandora, local radio station app and SiriusXM. I tend to listen to music when getting ready in the morning. It is a nice way to have something playing in the background. I also like to listen to music at the bus stop. When waiting for the school bus in the morning and afternoon, it’s nice to have something to do!

So, yes, I am addicted to my phone. I don’t have a tablet. My only devices I use are my laptop and phone! How else can I stay connected to the world? I love having access to information when we are out and about too. If we are on the road and get lost, we can always use our phones to look up directions. We can also use our phones in an emergency when away from home.

I love our phones. We have so much in one little device. Aside from information at our fingertips, we also have cameras!

I honestly do not think I could live without my phone.

How many times do you think you check your phone during the day?


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