How to Waterproof Your Phone

How to waterproof your phone 

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A few years ago, I had a very funny conversation with my sister while she was on a family trip. She was stuck at the hotel waiting for my brother-in-law to get back from the Apple store because my little nephew had dropped daddy’s phone in the toilet. Needless to say, no amount of rice could fix the damage. To survive my nephew’s penchant for reading in the bathroom, they would need to waterproof the phone.

If you have kids or are on the klutzy side, this story probably feels very familiar. According to some studies I’ve read, about 25% of people damage their phone due to exposure to water. Luckily, for me, the only thing I’ve dropped in water is my TV remote. (Don’t ask how I accomplished this feat.) However, I have dropped my phone on the ground numerous times, leaving me crossing my fingers that it won’t be damaged when I pick it up.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a mom with small kids, or a bit accident prone, waterproofing your phone from the elements or drops is essential. This is precisely where the Catalyst Case comes in handy.

I recently had a chance to try out the new Catalyst Case for iPhone 7 Plus. This case is designed to provide my phone with 360 degrees of protection from the elements.

  • Waterproof tested up to 33ft
  • Snow, dirt/sand & dust proof
  • Absorbs the shock from drops up 6.6ft


Made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, the Catalyst Case is designed to be durable yet still functional. The clear front and back allow you to show the sleekness of your iPhone, as well as give you full access to its large screen.

Additional features include:

  • Premium, non-slip, soft-touch rubber exterior
  • Wrist lanyard for extra phone security
  • Patented rotating crown dial for muting and unmuting your phone
  • Easy access to all buttons, sensors, cameras, etc.
  • Ultra-sensitive screen protector maintains full touchscreen access
  • Signature True Sound Acoustics for clear sound transmission of calls, music, and videos


After testing out the Catalyst Case on my iPhone I can honestly say I’m impressed with its design and features. I never worried about my phone becoming damaged from everyday elements. I didn’t notice any compromise in functionality either. I did have a few issues with the touchscreen access at the top part of the screen of my phone, but nothing that proved to be overly challenging.

Testing the case for leaks

My biggest issue was setting up the case. The directions are a bit confusing. Before you use the case, you must do a waterproof test. The directions and the pictures included in the package insert are on the small side and not that easy to understand. Catalyst does have a page on their site you can use for further explanation, which I recommend checking out if you purchase one of their cases.

After performing the waterproof test, I tried unsuccessfully to open the case using a coin, as instructed. It was a no go. I had to break out a screwdriver to get it to open. My struggle ended up causing scratches on the bottom of the case (as seen in the picture). I also had the same issue when I tried to remove my phone from the case. The upside of this problem is knowing my phone is extremely well protected.

iphone in Catalyst Case

I will also say that the clear touchscreen shows every single fingerprint, so it will need to be cleaned often if this type of thing bothers you. Honestly, though, it is worth the sacrifice to waterproof your phone. A few fingerprints are always better than a damaged phone. I can absolutely see myself using the Catalyst Case with my iPhone 7 Plus the next time I plan an outdoor adventure where dirt, sand, or water involved.

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Have you ever dropped your phone in water? What kind of case do you have on your phone?


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  1. With the amount of times my phone gets dropped, it’s bound to end up in a puddle one of these days. I need to do this.

  2. This is a great tip! With kids always wanting our phones it is bound to end up in the sink, toilet or tub and can be so expensive to replace if no warranty.

  3. I need to do this! I have the iPhone 6s Plus and it’s not waterproof! It’s such an expensive phone I definitely don’t want it getting damaged.

  4. This is an amazing product ! I’d love to have it for safety just in case

  5. This sounds like a great product! I love that it makes your phone waterproof and is shock proof as well. It definitely sounds like the ultimate cellphone protection! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. My husband needs this phone case (so do I). My husband left his phone outside under the trampoline because it fell out of his pocket while jumping. He didn’t notice until the next day and it had poured rain. Needless to say he needed a new phone.

  7. One time, I started running the tub for my son and went to go grab a towel. I came back into the bathroom and he had dropped my iPhone in! I died a little.

  8. OH! I need to do this, heck everyone does!!! Water is something I am so nervous about ruining my phone since it voids the warranties!

  9. This looks like a terrific product.
    It is so easy to drop your cell phone and yikes, kids are so harsh/rough with the way they treat it!
    Also, the phone seems to find its way to liquid a little too easily! 🙂

  10. A waterproof case would just encourage me to read while having a bath! I’ve been pretty lucky but I do miss the days where phones were bricks and could take anything!

  11. To be honest, this casing is perfect for mothers especially of toddlers! It’s really nice to have a casing for your phone that will put your mind at ease.

  12. I didn’t drop my phone in any water, but I did get accused of it one time by my carrier. My phone stopped working, so I took it back to them and they said that it had gotten wet. I never have y phone near water. But, I still like to protect my phone in any case. This would be a great investment for me.

  13. This is a good idea as I keep dropping my phone all the time. One time my newphew actually put the phone in the water to give it a bath 🙂

  14. Water is the phone killer. I’m always afraid mine is going to end up in the sink when I’m doing the dishes or putting on my makeup.

  15. Great tip. I’m always carrying my phone everywhere and I fear, that, one day I might just drop it in the tub or something.

  16. I need a case like this for my phone! I always worry about dropping mine in water.

  17. I needed this for spring break especially considering I dropped my iphone in the pool. For some reason it was fine thankfully but next time a waterproof case for sure. Will have to check out this brand.

  18. Wow, this is awesome. I definitely need this. These phones are too expensive to be getting ruined!

  19. This is great! With two daughters at home, my iPhone always ends up in little hands.

  20. This looks like something I really need! You just never know when you could completely damage an expensive phone. Better to prevent!

  21. Oooo what an awesome case! We are pool owners so this case would be fantastic for all the poolside chillen we do!

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