How to Strengthen Your Hair

How to Strengthen Your Hair


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As a woman, I am excited by the Ulta Gorgeous Hair event.  The event is going on NOW until May 28th this month!  This means you can save on your favorite products during the event.

I want to talk about how to strengthen your hair and how to deal with the heat. If you did not know, heat and weather can damage your hair and not all products fix this problem.

SheaMoisture makes a Jamaican Black Castor Oil that will help strengthen and grow your hair. The peppermint helps stimulate my scalp, and I love it. I have used peppermint products in the past, and they made my skin all tingly. The apple cider vinegar in the product helps clean and clarifies the hair removing the build up that so many products leave behind in my hair.

Since this is the first time using a SheaMoisture product, it is now time for me to stock up on all of their products this summer!  Thanks to the humidity, my hair gets puffy and frizzy.  I usually use gel or mousse all season long to keep it under control.

Hello Gorgeous Hair Event

After using the Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel, I think the use of gel and mousse during the summer might be a thing of the past!  This little bottle of hair control bliss for curly hair is a must when living in warm, dry, and humidity areas of the world. Your hair will get furious at you if you do not take care of it when the elements challenge it.

I love that the Ouidad Heat & Humidity Gel will take care of all my heat issues when I am outside. No more “Puff Ball” of hair. No “Burnt” Sun Damaged hair. Just a pretty perfect curl that will be bouncy and beautiful.

I have one bottle right now of the Ouidad Control Heat & Humidity Gel in the house.  I am still kicking myself for missing the deal Ulta had yesterday!  I should have picked up two more bottles at 50% off!  What a steal!

So head on over to the Hello Gorgeous Hair Event to claim your savings on your favorite products and brands!

Ulta is one of my favorite stores to shop for beauty products!  This is the perfect time to try new hair products!

Check out the Calendar Below to see what is on sale:

The Gorgeous Hair Event _ Ulta Beauty

Be sure to see our introduction of the Hello Gorgeous Event.



  1. Love Shea Moisture stuff!

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