How To Get A Flawless Summer Glow

How To Get A Flawless Summer Glow! 12243077_10206098747330815_2153228573994387228_n

We all love to have that perfect dewy glow about our face in the summer months! I know I always switch foundations in the summer due to my skin being oilier and I love the dewy finish that you can achieve by using certain products! I am going to inform you of some new products by Japonesque that will allow you to get the exact look that you are trying to get.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer Complexion Primer

I love to start with Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer Complexion Primer. It feels like liquid silk when applied to your skin. It’s a clear gel that primes the skin for foundation by filling in all of your lines and wrinkles; it creates a nice base for your foundation to glide right on. I love the way it feels and I noticed a dramatic difference in the way my foundation applies to my skin after using it.

Japonesque Luminous Foundation Flawless Liquid Makeup

I apply the Japonesque Luminous Foundation Flawless Liquid Makeup after my primer. I love the pump control; I only have to use one and a half pumps to cover my entire face and neck. This foundation gives you just the right amount of a dewy look without making your skin look oily or greasy! It’s very light but gives you the perfect coverage you need to cover up any flaws! It’s also very thin, so it evens out quickly and leaves a very natural look.

Japonesque Liquid Light Luminescent Highlighter

By using Japonesque Liquid Light Luminescent Highlighter, you can achieve ultimate results when going for a summer, dewy look. I use this more as a highlighter rather than all over my face. I use it on my cheekbones to give my skin a beautiful radiance and enhanced shimmery look. I have also used this on my eyes to replace eye shadow for a more natural look.

Japonesque Blending TrioJaponesque-Professional-Stippling-Brush

When I am applying all of the Japonesque products I like to use their line of brushes and blending trio 3 piece sponge set!

The Japonesque Pro Foundation Brush is an amazing tool that helps me blend my foundation and leaves nothing but smooth results! I like to use the Japonesque Stippling Brush to layer on my the luminescent highlighter in just the right places. The Japonesque Blending Trio is awesome! It includes 3 sponge ended brushes that I can use them damp or dry depending on what type of look I am going for. If you use them damp, you get less coverage and but a more natural look. Using them dry will give you full coverage.

All of these products combined have helped me to get the results that I have always been looking for. I get so excited when it is time to put on makeup because I know I will get a beautiful look every time! Products can be purchased at Ulta.

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