How To Add Sparkle And Glow

How To Add Sparkle And Glow

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If you can imagine, I have only tried two of Mally’s makeup products that I used to achieve a timeless look. I’ve seen her on QVC and always want to see how they would work for me. I rarely accept makeup products to review because I have so much of it. This time of year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holidays) was an exception.

I love trying new makeup and playing with glitter. I also want to try highlighters and finding ways to add glow to my look that looks natural!

Here is how to add sparkle and glow to your look:

North Star Glitters

First, start with glitter makeup from North Star Glitters. There are so many colors to choose from. I chose their limited edition Halloween pack that includes Yvette (iridescent white), Cassandra (gun metal) and Jackie (red). I also chose Leslie, Alexa, Heather, Laura, and Lela.

Halloween pack swatch

I wanted a variety of colors to try. I wanted to wear one or two colors to feature on my face on any given day! I use the silver and white glitters on my cheekbones and eyes when I want to add a nice sparkle. I will also lightly dab some on my nose, neck, décolleté and collarbone area. I can also add sparkle to my arms and shoulders! There are so many possibilities with glitter makeup from North Star Glitters.

Mally Face Makeup

As for Mally Beauty products, I received Complexion Perfection Soft Focus Foundation in Medium, Glowing Goddess Luminizer, and Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost!

In the past, I’ve been loyal to mineral makeup. I wanted great coverage and natural looking makeup. I also wanted lightweight. However, I found that whenever we traveled, I had to hold my makeup bag upright, otherwise, my makeup would spill over in the container and when I went to open them, it would make a mess! Now, mineral makeup is packaged in sifter lids, which is much easier to travel with.

Now, I am more open to trying different forms of foundation, such as pressed, powder and liquid! I was curious as to how Mally’s Complexion Perfection Soft Focus Foundation would work on my skin. I apply the foundation with the Expert Face Brush, it works for me. Of course, you can use your fingers, blender sponge or the original beautyblender. I found that I only need a small dab of the foundation for great coverage. When I use a full pump of foundation, it looks a little fake on me. So I prefer the natural coverage look, so I use a barely a pump of product.

The Glowing Goddess Luminizer is so much fun to use. I apply to my cheekbones, over my eyeshadow, corner of my eyes, over my eyebrows, and anywhere else I want to luminate!

After applying my Complexion Perfection Soft Focus Foundation in Medium, I move on to my brows and eyes! Once I am happy with my look, I then apply Glowing Goddess Luminizer! The Glowing Goddess Luminizer makes my skin look healthy and flatters instead of spotlights the imperfections. The glow is very subtle on my skin making it look very natural.

Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost

My last step in my makeup routine, I then apply the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost. The compact comes with a Japanese sponge that features rounded corners and buffed edges. The sponge is sturdy but soft on my skin allow me to lightly pat the product all over my face.

You only need a light layer all over your skin. If you use more than one layer, it may look too dark and tanned. But, it depends on what you want for your look!

My only concern is storing the sponge when not in use. I wish the compact had the ability to keep the sponge inside the compact. Regardless, I wash the sponge every time I wash my makeup brushes.

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  1. Kelly Kimmell says

    Pretty colors, I think I’d have a difficult time making them look right on myself though.

  2. kristamiller5425 says

    That’s too much glitter for me, but I’d try the foundation

  3. I love glitter! I do not think I would use them very much though. They are messy to use and I can never apply it without it getting all over my face! Very pretty though 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing. There are a lot of pretty bright colors. Love them all.

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