How I Spoil My Mom

How I Spoil My Mom
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When I can, I enjoy spoiling my mom!  I treat her to a beautiful handbag full of goodies!  In return, she loves her gift bag. Snacking and eating good food is something that the whole house enjoys doing.  Here is how I spoil my mom, perfect for Mother’s Day or year round!

1. New Handbag

It starts off with me heading to my favorite handbag store and get mom a new purse. Every year I get my mom a new purse and it is always a designer bag. I catch the holiday sales because I get the best savings! I am thinking of something Floral this year and Pink!

The Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc, Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/Vitamin C, and the Hydrating Day Lotion for Normal to Oily Skin in

2. Add The Goodies

This is the fun part!  I fill her new handbag with goodies!  Of course, your mom may be different from mine.  Find out what she loves!

Here is what I start with:

3. Skincare/Beauty

The next thing that will add some love to this bag is some high-end Beauty Care items from Eraclea. Eraclea is a new era in skin care to Hydrate and Repair you to a new you. The Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc, Intensive Repair and Protect Serum/Vitamin C, and the Hydrating Day Lotion for Normal to Oily Skin in 1 oz sizes are great to keep in her bag. Just do not let these small bottles fool you they are up for the big task of making mom look great.

4. Adult Coloring Book

To help mom when those stressful days are just out of hand, she could use an Adult Coloring Book with some Dual-Ended Colored Pencils. Adult Coloring books are all the rage right now and it helps people release stress making you happier. I have found so many different adult coloring books it would be hard to find just one to get.

5. Sweet Treats

What mom does not like something sweet to eat and some soft caramel are great when you find a handcrafted brand that then mixes it with flavors that you would not usually pair caramels with to create a one of a kind treat. That will have you wanting more than you would have known you wanted. I like salted flavors since they are both sweet and salty that I could eat all day long. My favorite Caramel flavors are the Black Lava Sea Salt, Cape Cod Sea Salt, and a Classic Vanilla.

Bauli mini croissant chocolate Bauli mini croissant vanilla custard

The Gourmet Bauli Mini Croissants are an Italian treat that is a soft croissant and baked to perfection. To then be filled with one of the many fillings that Bauli has on hand. From Chocolates to Vanilla Custard these mini treats delicious a great anytime snack. I love the Vanilla Custards while Josiah wants to eat all the chocolate filled mini croissants out.

What do you enjoy getting your mom? Is it a sweet treat like the Gourmet Bauli Mini Croissants? Maybe it is a high-end Skin Care items like Eraclea?

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  1. Those are all wonderful gift ideas! I’m sure your mom really loves receiving her gift from you. It’s nice that you put so much thought into it and fill the nice purse with things she loves.

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