How I spent my New Year’s Eve

My Reference Files

My Reference Files (Photo credit: Tim Morgan)

Happy New Year’s Day! Today is my Eleventh Wedding Anniversary! I woke up this morning at around 2:50AM because my husband’s cell phone was ringing! I was able to fall back asleep about two hours later until my son woke me up after a few hours more of sleep.

As you can tell, I slept through the ringing of the New Year! However, last night I was very productive! I decided to organize our bills, bank statements and other important documents. I also organized our medical paperwork and our son’s important paperwork. I used file folders and even the labels. All of our papers are organized and neatly in folders! Everything is easier for me to find.

My previous “filing system” consisted of stuffing our paperwork, bills, and bank statements in a box. Now they are all organized in folders! I really do prefer to be organized and know where everything is. I want to be able to know exactly where things are when I go looking for them.
I feel so accomplished! What is on your “to do” list?

I still have to organize our tax returns from previous years to organize. They are in folders, but I want to organize them in numerical order.

How did you start your new year? Let’s have a great year! Thank you for being a reader, fan, follower and commenter on this blog! I really do appreciate your comments. I write this blog for you! Please feel free to email me! Let me know what is on your mind. You can also Tweet me! I love Twitter and love to tweet back.

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  1. Michelle H. says

    Organizing is something I really need to do. I especially need to organize my closet. I am spending the day with my family. I promised my kids I would watch “Anne Of Green Gables” with them.

  2. Hmm. I was mostly crafting, in fact crafting and sewing for my niece’s doll house when it became 2014. I plan on being a nicer person, letting go of grudges and eating healthier. Also cleaning/organizing my house better which I had started doing last year.

  3. We went bowling…lol.

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