How I Bossed Up with LadyBoss Protein Shakes

If you’re like me, you hate the latest diet fads. Foods that taste like cardboard, strange powders, and powdery protein shakes that are hard to drink. Let’s dive into LadyBoss Protein Shakes and why you need to try them!

LadyBoss Lean Protein Shakes - Make the Shake
LadyBoss Lean Protein Shakes – Make the Shake
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Not Another Diet Fad – A Protein Shake that Mean Business

Well LadyBoss is none of those! LadyBoss is full system of products; protein shakes and supplements especially designed for women. I tried the LadyBoss Lean protein shake and it tastes great. That’s right, I said it tastes great! LadyBoss Lean comes in Let Them Eat Cake, a delicious Birthday cake inspired flavor. I was very pleasantly surprised. There was no chalky texture, the shake was creamy easy to make.

LadyBoss Lean Nighttime Snack
LadyBoss Lean Nighttime Snack

A Protein Shake That’s A Well-balanced Meal

LadyBoss Lean is a complete meal that is Soy, RBGH, and Gluten Free. It is made with 15 grams of grass-fed whey so you are sure to get all the protein you need. LadyBoss Lean also contains digestive enzymes, and can boost your metabolism and leave you feeling like you have more energy. You can even use it to bake with. Also noteworthy, you can order LadyBoss Lean as you need it or you can sign-up for a subscription.

LadyBoss Lean Protein Shakes On the Go
LadyBoss Lean Protein Shakes On the Go

A Quick Solution for a Meal on the Go

One of the things I loved most about LadyBoss Lean, next to the taste of course, was how quick and easy it was to make. Just mix one scoop of LadyBoss Lean with milk, water, or your favorite milk substitute for a meal or snack. If you mix with water, LadyBoss Lean is only 100 calories. I chose to mix mine with 2% milk, which made it 200 calories per shake for me. Which is still a nice low-calorie meal or snack. I used LadyBoss as a meal replacement, It can be hard to slow down and have a nutritious meal when I’m working. I also used LadyBoss as a post-workout drink. LadyBoss Lean gave me more energy and by adding LadyBoss Lean, I found I was less likely to go grab something unhealthy during those times I was tight on time but needed to eat.

LadyBoss Lean Protein Shake -Workout
LadyBoss Lean Protein Shake – Workout

If you’re looking for additional LadyBoss products for stubborn weight loss, we tried more of their products! We love our health and wellness products. What are some of your tips to improve your health?

What makes you feel like a LadyBoss? Comment below!



  1. Dana Rodriguez says

    I have been using this as a lunch substitute for the last week and I really like it. Tastes good and keeps me full.

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