Healthy Hair Beauty Hacks

Healthy Hair Beauty Hacks

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We all love beauty hacks.  We have a few hair care hacks to share!

Are you always trying new hair products? Do you love experimenting and keeping the ones you love close by for backups? I have recently found a few hair products that I will always have on hand for those times that I know I need a good hair day!

Abba Pure Performance Hair Care has some wonderful products that work great and I would love to let you know about a few of them that will always be on backup in my shower!

Having long hair that is super dry, I am conscious about using products that will not dry my hair but keep it soft and manageable! I use hot irons and blow dryers almost everyday so I am in constant need of products that will lock in and hold moisture into my locks.

When I am in need of a good hair day I know what to start with. The Abba Pure Performance Hair Care Moisture Shampoo is the first step in achieving the base of my hairstyle! It consists of peppermint and olive butter and is a very hydrating shampoo that helps with dry hair and scalp. It smells amazing and actually the peppermint scent helps to wake me up in the mornings! It lathers rich and rinses clean!

Abba Pure Performance Shampoo and Conditioner

A great conditioner to follow with is the Abba Pure Performance Hair Care Moisture Conditioner. My hair is flat and lifeless and the last thing I need is to add weight to it with a conditioner. This product gets rid of my tangles just by running my fingers thought my hair in the shower while its wet. It rinses clean but not squeaky clean, only leaving behind silky manageable hair that is the perfect way to get the style that you need for a great hairstyle.

abba pure performance hair gel

To get the best results when curling my hair or just scrunching it and using a diffuser, I like to use the Abba Pure Performance Hair Care Style Gel! This styling gel is very thin and distributes evenly all throughout all of my hair. It not only adds body to my roots it also adds control to the length and allows my curls to last all day. Its not sticky and is a medium hold gel. If I am going for the scrunched look I like to use a lot so that my hair will still look a little wet even when it is dry.

If you’re looking for just a great shampoo, a great conditioner, or an all around wonderful styling gel you will find it in the Abba Pure Performance Hair Care!

Do you mix and match hair products? Or do you use a matching line of products?

You can find Abba Pure Performance Hair Care on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I do mix in match my products, especially when I doing a hair mask. I find I get better results when I mix things up.

  2. Those sound like really luxurious products to have. I think my daughter and I would like the smell, and she has really long hair too. We mix and match hair products too, usually based on what’s on sale.

  3. I typically use one brand at a time, though I do switch it up and use different brands often based on my personal preferences and what’s on sale when I’m purchasing these type of products. This line looks great. I’d love to try it soon. 🙂

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