Have We Found Liquid Lipsticks That Won’t Dry Out Your Lips?

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I’m not big on liquid lipsticks for two reasons: they always dry out my lips, and I’ve never been a fan of matte lips. I’ve always been a glossy person. When I had the chance to check out and test some products from Nicolet Beauty, I immediately went and picked out a few liquid lips since they claimed to be non-drying.

Nicolet Beauty is an affordable beauty brand that’s also vegan-friendly. One of my goals for 2018 was to move to brands that are vegan-friendly and don’t test on animals. This can get tricky, but I’ve been doing great so far.

Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Their matte liquid lipsticks are transfer resistant, pigmented, and long-lasting. The three matte liquid lipsticks I picked out received were:

  • Camden – Brown Tone Pink Nude
  • Portland – Brown Tone Berry
  • Joliet – Bright Strawberry Red

The apply really nice and smoothly, and feel great on the lips. They do have a scent… baking. When I first smelt them, I immediately thought about wanting to bake. That vanilla scent. I love it, but I think some people may not like that kind of scent.

Nicolet Beauty Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Nicolet Beauty Matte Liquid Lipsticks Swatched

These matte liquid lipsticks are not drying, are nicely pigmented, and once they dry they stay put. I didn’t notice any transferring, and the color lasted on the lips throughout the day. Camden and Portland are gorgeous shades, but they’re a little too dark for my own personal taste. But if you like brown tone pink and berry shades then I highly recommend checking these out. I wanted to try something different, and while the shades are absolutely gorgeous, they’re just a little too dark for me.

Lip Catnip

Nicolet Beauty Lip Catnip Up Close
Then I received two lip catnip glosses ($10) and a retractable lip brush. I wasn’t expecting the brush, so that was a great surprise since that’s how I apply glosses that come in containers. I don’t like to dip my finger into the product and apply it that way. Lip brushes all the way! The two shades I got were:

  • Paralee – Deep Warm Brown Mauve
  • Teresita – Warm Brown

These definitely don’t come off brown on the lips at all. One is a mauve, and the other comes out just slightly darker on the lips. I absolutely love these! They’re perfect for everyday wear. I just apply it with the lip brush and I’m good to go. The only downside is that you can’t really throw these in the purse because the container could break or the lid can come loose. If you want to, you can, just make sure the container is sealed nice and tight and maybe place in a little baggie as extra protection.

Nicolet Beauty Lip Catnip

Nicolet Beauty Lip Catnip Swatched

Nicolet Beauty Lip Brush

The lip catnip glosses themselves are super moisturizing, but I do still apply my lip conditioner underneath it. What’s great is that they also look nice over a lipstick. The apply smoothly and last a good couple of hours on the lips. They’re glosses, so they will transfer a little when you eat or drink.

Overall Thoughts

I’m really loving what I’ve tested from Nicolet Beauty. In terms of what I would recommend, I do prefer the lip catnip, however, if you’ve been on the hunt for an affordable matte liquid lipstick that won’t dry out your lips, definitely check those out!


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  1. thanks for the info. will look for this brand

  2. Looks like a quality lipstick with nice colour

  3. Tracy Robertson says

    I would love that they aren’t drying. It’s hard to find a good gloss that doesn’t dry out or feel overly sticky!

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