Happy To Be Natural Again

Happy To Be Natural Again

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When we moved this past summer, we did a huge purge of most of our things. Many of the things we discarded were our assortment of natural hair and skincare products. The only beauty products I packed were the items that were unopened. In other words, I’ve been using name brand products for my hair.

I only recently noticed the difference in my hair. My hair was feeling dry, hard to manage and needed extra care! It was such a handful. I prefer low maintenance!

Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo and Honey & Botanical Conditioner

When Beessential contacted me, I knew right away I had to try their products. Since I’ve been looking for natural hair care, I knew I wanted to try their natural shampoo and conditioner. I love peppermint and tea tree essential oils, so I chose Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo and the Honey & Botanical Conditioner!

I noticed a difference the first day after using the Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo and the Honey & Botanical Conditioner! I look forward to showering each day because I know my scalp and hair will truly feel clean without feeling weighed down. The shampoo smells so refreshing and energizes my senses. The conditioner helps to soften my hair and keep it tangle free for the day.

Beessential Eczema care

My son also had a bad eczema breakout and I saw a few products I wanted to try with his skin. I chose Relaxing Lavender Hand & Body Cream. I use lavender essential oil in an oil diffuser to help calm him down and ready for bed. I was also sent Original Honey Unscented Cream and Dead Sea Mud Soap to use especially for my son’s eczema.

I’ve been using the Dead Sea Mud Soap on my son’s whole body. It is easy to rinse clean and very soothing on his skin. Following his bath, I use the Relaxing Lavender Hand & Body Cream. He is very happy and full of energy so I hope the lavender helps to relax him!

Beessential Hand & Body Cream

I’m saving the Original Honey Fragrance Free Cream to use when we move back home with my parents in California. My mom is sensitive to fragrances. I may have her use the cream as she has sensitive skin as well!

Lavender & Bergamot Foaming Hand Soap

Lastly, I was sent Energizing Cucumber & Green Tea Cream and Lavender & Bergamot Foaming Hand Soap! I love foaming soap, so I’m excited to use the Lavender & Bergamot Foaming Hand Soap! I am saving that to use when we move back to California.

I wanted the Energizing Cucumber & Green Tea Cream for my own use. I love cucumber scent (even by that brand you see in the mall). The cream absorbs quickly and the scent is light and invigorating.

What are your favorite natural skincare and hair care products? Do you have any favorite fragrances?

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  1. I predominately look for natural products too and am slowly “weaning” myself off processed and unknowns to natural; so much better for my skin and hair

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