Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe the new year is here. I am ready for a new start! While we really don’t celebrate the new year, I hope we can celebrate our anniversary and our son’s birthday. As it turns out, our anniversary is on January 1st and our son’s birthday is on January 3rd. We certainly did not plan it that way. Tomorrow will mark 13 years of being married and our son turns 10!

I want to start a new tradition where we celebrate three days straight: from January 1st through January 3rd! I definitely want to get cake and a few other sweets to make it special!

I definitely do not want to mourn the ending of 2015. While it wasn’t the best year for me personally, I am ready to start fresh. I plan on walking more! I am getting my clothes and shoes ready for lots of walking! If I don’t get outside to walk, I have my treadmill! I miss being able to do my cardio workouts. My workouts made me feel so strong and had so much energy!

I don’t have any special plans for tonight except organizing our paperwork. A few years ago, I decided to get organized and with each new year, I need to get everything ready for a new year! I know, my life is so exciting!

My husband will be working so we really don’t make plans anymore. At least I can stay busy and organized here at home. Our son usually helps by getting into everything and helping to make a mess.

When I look back at 2015, my main blog grew like crazy and still is. This month, I decided to start this blog. I hope to go to a blog conference in 2016! It would be so amazing to meet and network with other bloggers. I also want to connect with brands and meet them face to face! I am always open to learning new things. Every time I see a new tip or idea, I try to implement it!

We also tried something new in 2015. My son and I had to travel back to the West Coast by train. It certainly was an interesting trip on the train. It was odd trying to take a shower and even sleep on a moving train. We did our best to be comfortable in our sleeper car.

What changes are you making in the new year? Do you have any plans for tonight to ring in the new year? Do you mourn the end of the year?

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