Gossip Girl: The Bonus Content on the DVD

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The complete fourth season of Gossip Girl not only has 22 episodes filled with love, betrayal, friendship and scandal, but also never-before-seen features such as unaired scenes and gag reels!

My favorite character is Serena because she has been the nice girl throughout the show.  She has a laid back sense of style and I just admire the way she dresses.  Her wardrobe has a delicate look that exudes a relaxed attitude.  She doesn’t take things too seriously.  Serena has the look that she likes to have fun but she can adapt to the situation.

Behind the scenes, it’s nice to see the other side of our favorite actors.  As a fan, we only see them as the character they play that we forget that they are only actors.  When we can see them flubbing their lines while filming, it reminds us that they are acting.  When I think of an actor, I think of them as the character I know them as.

Who are your favorite moments and/or characters from Season 4?  What characters do you relate to or admire most?

Don’t miss the unaired never-before-seen clips of the 4th season of Gossip Girl on DVD!

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD.


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