Gorton’s Real Fabulous

Gorton’s Real Fabulous

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A blogger friend of mine told me about the Gorton’s opportunity and being that I do not eat meat, except seafood, I quickly applied. I was so thrilled when I received the email that I was accepted into the Gorton’s Real Fabulous opportunity.

I received my kit earlier this week and could not wait to get to a grocery store to purchase a few products. I received the following:

5 full-value product coupons for you to purchase and serve up your Gorton’s Grilled Fillets
2 Gorton’s oven mitts
1 Gorton’s spatula
Gorton’s recipe cards

My husband and I eat different things. He makes or buys his food and I make my own meals. Our son eats whatever we are eating at the time. With that, I mostly buy food that I will eat each week. My husband likes soup, so I buy him cans of soup and a few other things. I never know what he wants, so he usually eats out.

I rarely buy frozen fish products just because I never thought they would taste that great. As soon as I received the coupons, we went to the grocery store to get a few Gorton’s products to try! I bought Fish Sticks and Fish Fillets. I just had to make them that evening. I made fish fillets, brown rice and veggies! The meal was delicious and very filling. Honestly, I wish I had made more fillets because I could have had a second helping.

I have not had a chance to try the fish sticks because the fillets are so good that I have been having them almost every night. I would love to share the fish sticks with my son but he is a very picky eater. Normally he likes finger foods, so I am surprised he does not like fish sticks.

After trying Gorton’s products for the first time, I am amazed at how delicious they taste. Plus, they are so easy to make. I am not that skilled in the kitchen, so having seafood products that are so easy to make is so great!

Be sure to participate in the Real Fabulous Sweepstakes that started January 1st!

Visit Gortons.com and download a coupon!

You can find Gorton’s on their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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  1. Michelle H. says

    How nice that you were able to try these products. I have reached for their products many times.

  2. I rarely buy items like this, but when I do I eat them all up because I love them.

  3. I used to love eating Gorton’s when I wasn’t a vegetarian. Thanks for telling us about this 🙂

  4. These are really good or fish taco’s too.

  5. rebeccabasset says

    Wow I didn’t even hear about this opportunity, so glad that you got in! I usually don’t buy Frozen Fish Products either, but I will definitely take advantage of them now that I have heard such good things about them.

    Thanks for the Review, and the Coupon Link.

  6. Bertha Wilson says

    I buy Gortons a lot, very good for a quick snack. We love them.

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