Going Green with Your Mattress – Part 1

Going Green with Your Mattress

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It seems like just a few years ago the only place you could buy a mattress was at a mattress store. No one would have ever thought about ordering one online, until recently. I remember the first time I heard an ad for an online mattress company was while I was listening to a podcast. I was intrigued. When I began hearing more ads on other podcasts, I was even more intrigued.

If you’re not a podcast listener, you’ve probably seen ads online or on TV for these mattresses. Since I was in need of a new mattress, I started to think about buying one online. So, when My Green Mattress reached out to Beauty Brite, I jumped at the chance to give their mattress a try.

I’ve only had the mattress for a couple of weeks so today I’m only going to share the setup process. If you want to know my thoughts about sleeping on the mattress, stay tuned. I’ll be back with Part 2 in a couple of weeks.

The My Green Mattress Story

The story of My Green Mattress began with the founder’s daughter Emily, who developed eczema and allergies as a newborn. Emily’s dad, Tim Masters, wanted to find a way to relieve her symptoms. He and his wife discovered that all-natural products were the only thing that really helped Emily.

Tim knew Emily also needed to sleep on an all-natural mattress. As the owner of a mattress company, Tim decided to create the all-natural mattress known as My Green Mattress.

My Green Mattresses are:

  • GREENGUARD Gold certified, passing testing with the most sensitive of individuals
  • Handcrafted in LaGrange Highlands, Illinois
  • Made from 100% natural wool, which is sourced from California
  • Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Made from 100% all-natural, GOLS certified organic Dunlop Latex, which is free of chemicals, pesticides, and petroleum-based ingredients

After reading up on My Green Mattress, I wasn’t surprised to learn they’ve received numerous awards from organizations like the Sierra Club, Sleep Sherpa and more for their baby, kids, and adult mattresses.


Setting up My Mattress

moving the mygreen mattress

The nice thing about ordering a mattress online is you don’t have to leave your home or deal with salespeople. The one challenge, you don’t get delivery people to setup your mattress for you. Even though I selected the Natural Escapes mattress in a Queen, I didn’t realize how heavy it would be.

When the mattress arrived at my door, I had to drag, push, shove it into the house. In other words, installation is a two-person job. With the help of my dad and a hand-truck, we were able to maneuver and wheel the mattress into my bedroom. In all honesty, this was the hardest part.

Unpacking mygreen mattress

Next, I let the mattress gently fall to the ground where I cut off the plastic surrounding the cardboard sheet covering the mattress. As the mattress became free of the plastic it expanded until it was all laid out on the floor.

Mygreen mattress fully opened

Once it was back to normal mattress shape, it was easy to place it on top of the box spring. This part I could have handled by myself, but having the extra pair of hands did help make the process much quicker.

Switching to mygreen mattress

After completing the setup, I did come across a video on the My Green Mattress site, which shows two people doing the entire process on the bed. This would probably make it easier since you would only have to lift the mattress once. Regardless, setting up my Natural Escapes My Green Mattress wasn’t too much of a challenge. After a little extra flexing of the old, muscles I was ready to make the bed and go to sleep.

But that’s another story…go check out Part 2 of Going Green with Your Mattress.

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Would you order a mattress online? What do you look for in a mattress?



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  1. I like the idea of ordering online if you’ve heard great things but I do enjoy going to the store and testing them out to make sure it’s what I want and need for my comfort.

  2. This mattress sounds fantastic! I love switching to organic and natural products but haven’t thought about a mattress too much so I think I need to look into this!

  3. My son needs a new mattress. His is so uncomfortable. I love that this is an eco-friendly mattress.

  4. Ordering mattresses online is definitely the way to go. Even though they have the ability to fold like that, they are still difficult to transport.

  5. What more can you ask for in a mattress, it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin and it’s also very comfy. I think it’s worth checking out especially if you’ve had problems with eczema for years.

  6. That’s really easy to setup! I’m sure it’s a lovely mattress. It’s really nice that it helps with skin issues and allergies. It’s definitely a must have.

  7. So… If that mattress could be successfully rolled up in such a manner, does it provide any type of firmness whatsoever? I like a more firm mattress although not solid hard as a piece of plywood. But it just seems like something that could be folded up into such a Rollie Pollie roll would not have much support. You tell me

    • Hi there! The coil systems are designed to be compressed from top to bottom, then rolled head to foot. We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe! Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if you have any concerns – we also link to more information from our website.

  8. This looks amazing and I am interested in the non allergenic aspects. I have sensitive skin and this could be an answer to that issue!

  9. Jessica Terry says

    This mattress looks amazing! This mattress really makes sure that no issues can be caused by other materials that may cause a reaction.

  10. I am so intrigued by ordering mattress online that I am committed to buying my next mattress online!!

  11. I have been in need of a new mattress for a while now! I will need to look into this further because I love that is is more environmentally friendly!

  12. I’ve only got a new matress once in my lifetime, and it was an instore experience. I must admit, it was lots of fun trying them all out at the shop (although it also made me sleepy!). I wouldn’t mind ordering a matress online as online shopping absolutely works for me too.

  13. I had no idea you could get a green mattress! Huh! Go figure! I learned something new today 🙂

  14. After getting a king size up the stairs the idea of ordering one online that is all rolled up is pretty great. I look forward to hearing how it holds up.

  15. I’ve never tried ordering a mattress online before and I’m sure it was quite heavy since you ordered a queen sized one. Didn’t know their is an eco-friendly mattress before.

  16. We are moving into a new home at the end of September and really need a mattress for our guest bedroom! This looks like a great option.

  17. I quite like the sound of these and we could do with a new mattress, although sounds tricky to menouver

  18. This mattress sounds so interesting. I really like that’s organic and great for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

  19. I love the sound of this mattress. It sounds like it is so amazing and I love that it is organic.

  20. Wow this mattress sounds amazing and that fact that is Organic is even more amazing. It’s funny cause this post reminded me that I need to change my mattress, will definitely check this one out.

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