Go Meatless For The Holidays

Go Meatless For The Holidays with Tofurky and Unisoy

Go Meatless For The Holidays

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When the holidays roll around, I always feel a bit left out because my family and I celebrate a bit different. I am a vegetarian. My son will eat meat but he is a very picky eater. He tends to eat side dishes if he recognizes them or choose not to eat at all.

Are you ready to go meatless for the holidays?

What if you could eat a plant-based meal for the holidays? Have you tried Tofurky?

When I was first married, I discovered Tofurky and even bought a vegetarian meal to prepare for our first Thanksgiving! I found the plant-based roast, sides of gravy, mashed potatoes, and vegetables!

Tofurky Roast & Gravy Kit included in box

This year, we received the Tofurky Roast & Gravy Kit to try! Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned so we enjoyed our meal in celebration of moving into our new home and an early Holiday meal. Either way, the Tofurky makes a great meal!

Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie

I made mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. I also bought two different pies, and my boyfriend had leftover sides that we could all enjoy! My son is a picky eater. He ended up having mashed potatoes and a few vegetables.

As a vegetarian, I am thankful for products like Tofurky! They make it possible for us to go meatless for the holidays.

Unisoy Vegan Jerky

As a long time vegetarian, I still remember what some meat products taste like. I remember what hamburgers, hot dogs, and even beef jerky taste like. When I was offered the chance to try vegan jerky, I was very excited! I never thought to look for vegan jerky in the stores.

I was sent all three flavors of Unisoy Vegan Jerky. Flavors include Sweet Teriyaki, Hot n Spicy, and Cracked Black Pepper.

I haven’t had beef jerky in years, but I still remember the texture and how it tastes. The Unisoy Vegan Jerky tastes so much like real beef jerky! The vegan jerky is so good, I’ve had to hide it from my son because he will eat it all in a matter of minutes.

The Unisoy Vegan Jerky packages are small but the perfect amount for a quick snack. The packages are not even resealable, which is fine because it is so easy to eat the entire thing in one sitting!

Have you tried vegan jerky? You can go meatless for the holidays or anytime with Unisoy!

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Tofurky and Unisoy make it possible to go meatless for the holidays and beyond! Tell us what products you want to try!


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