Giving Back To The Community – One Book At A Time

Giving Back To The Community - One Book At A Time

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Ever since Josiah was a little tike we have been a fan of all that the Kohl’s brand has had to offer to the communities around the world. Being a part of our lives from lovable stories to adorable stuffed toys Kohl’s Cares has helped make reading to my child even more fun. Kohl’s Cares brings the best children books to spark creativity, ignite imagination and bring families together by learning while having fun.

One hundred percent of the profit from Kohl’s Cares products goes to benefiting children’s health initiatives around the world. It makes spending five dollars on a hardback book or an adorable stuff toy a very affordable price for so many families to contribute to their communities.

Over the years, I have seen many books that I just love and bought because I just loved the stories. A few books that I have purchased over the years are Curious George, Dr. Seuss, and Rainbow Fish. By choosing to purchase Kohl’s Care Books, I know that every penny is going to go back to the community and it is going to make a difference in the world. It may be just one book or just one stuffed toy, but I it makes me feel good that the social right of purchasing that one item is going to make a difference.

This summer Kohl’s has added a new collection to the already amazing collection of books and stuffed toys.
* Penguin on Vacation Book
* Penguin Big Adventure Book
* Penguin Stuffed Toy
* Board Book Set
* Clown Fish Stuffed Toy
* Found Book
* Bear Stuffed Toy
* Stormy Night Book
* Dinosaur Stuffed Toy

Kohl's Care Dinosaur Bear

The Kohl’s Care Books are very quick reads that I like doing at bedtime with my son. Plus, having him cuddling up with his stuffed buddy from the book makes reading to him even more fun. You will enjoy reading Kohl’s cares books with your little ones, and they will enjoy that you’re reading to their new friend from the story, too.

As your child grows, the books become a part of their bedtime routine. So much so, that they start remembering the books that you read them and can read it by themselves. It is a blessing for me to see that a book can help my child learn to read, and I am helping the community all at the same time.

Kohl’s Cares is available at over 1,100 Kohl’s stores across 49 states. These books are perfect for your family and make the greatest gifts for children’s parties. Do you remember when you were a child, what was your favorite book? Do you read it to your child now that you are a parent?

You can find Kohl’s Care products on the Kohl’s website to see the current product line. You can purchase online or in stores nationwide.

Stay up to date with Kohl’s Cares on the Website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for announcements and promotions!


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