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Give Your Day-Old 'Do New Life - KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray

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We are all busy people and life sometimes has a way of monopolizing our every waking moment. There are days that I can’t seem to find any free time to pamper myself with a nice hot bath or even just grab a quick shower. Even when I do have time, sometimes I throw my long, thick hair up in a messy bun so I don’t have to get it wet because is can be a chore to have to add a detangling product and then comb through it. So, there it is, my dirty little secret. I don’t wash my hair every day. Sometimes I don’t even wash it every other day, especially if I’m planning on being at home and will not be going out anywhere.

Enter KMS California products. Their Hair Play Makeover Spray will give your day-old hairstyle new life. I have previously tried several different kinds of hair refresher products and dry shampoos that purport to freshen up your hair in between washings. One thing I’ve noticed with these type of products is that if I get heavy handed or don’t move the can quickly enough, I will end up with too much product concentrated in one area and be left looking like my hair has grey streaks because it won’t all be absorbed into the hair. I found the first time I used the KMS Makeover Spray that I was too overzealous and indeed did end up dispensing too much product onto my hair and it took quite a bit of brushing and wetting to work it in so that it couldn’t be seen. However, the next time I used it I moved a little quicker and just did a quick spray which resulted in a much better result.

KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray

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About KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray: Formulated with super-absorbent rice powder, hairplay Makeover Spray soaks up natural oils and product residue, increases volume at the roots and builds texture and heft throughout hair. Hair is left clean and refreshed with a matte finish. The blend of patented IOPS technology with free radical fighting antioxidants, grape and peppermint, helps provide an effective barrier between hair and harsh environmental factors.

KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray

I appreciate the good, strong, even spray that the can consistently emits. The tip hasn’t gotten clogged, which has happened with other sprays I’ve used. That can cause an interrupted spray flow and result in an uneven distribution of the product. I also enjoyed the light, clean scent of the spray. A test spray on my arm (to see how quickly the spray would dry) was impressive as the spray was completely dry within just seconds leaving behind no residue. The skin where I’d sprayed the product was so smooth that I couldn’t tell I’d even sprayed anything on the skin at all. Most importantly, the company claims that the KMS Makeover Spray will not only leave your day-old hair feeling clean but will also give it an extra boost of texture and life to keep it looking fresh. The KMS spray did, in fact, give my day-old hair renewed bounce and lift. It felt clean and looked great! This will be a great product to have around for the hot summertime weather we will be having soon to allow me to have great looking hair every day without all the hassle of washing, conditioning, de-tangling and styling so often.

KMS California offers quite a few product lines to assist you in creating your signature style from start to finish. You can find their products at salons nationwide in the US.

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