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HandCrafted Music Boxes that are Perfect for the Holidays

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My daughter is really hard to buy for. Whether it’s Christmas, her birthday, or the Easter Bunny is planning a surprise; I have the hardest time trying to find her a gift that has quality and meaning. She’s an only child and my parent’s first grandchild to say she is spoiled is quite the understatement. Her playroom is PACKED to the brim with baby dolls, plushies, and Barbies. I’m getting the search started for Christmas presents from Santa and this year I wanted something meaningful that would last for several years and she would not grow out of.

Enchantmints has been Crafting Music Boxes for Little Ones Since 2004

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Enchantmints started with a father who spent most of his time playing with his daughter. Over the years, after handcrafting music boxes and treasure boxes, he has since moved up to handling Marketing and Customer Care. Each Enchantmint’s Musical Jewelry and Treasure box is packed carefully and arrives in beautiful condition; ensuring that it supports the arts and creativity of every little girl who receives it.

  1. all designs are original pieces of art created by Enchantmint’s team of artists; including Denise Marshall
  2. Everything is highly tested and is backed by a 100% guarantee that it is safe
  3. There is an age restriction but it is put into place to protect tiny one’s who may be inquisitive and put small pieces in their mouths.
  4. All boxes are made from Medium Density Fiberboard – a wood composite product made from New Zealand grown lumber and held together with non-toxic glue
  5. Family factory makes all boxes – family has been operating in China for over 40 years

Top Reasons why Enchantmint Products are Extraordinary

  1. Surprises: hidden drawers in Treasure boxes, mirrors that are pictures within music boxes, and paper dolls with magic clothes
  2. Stories: Each product inspires a story of a favorite animal. mythical creature, or wondrous place
  3. Heart: Gentleness, warmth, entertainment, and captivating themes are everywhere
  4. Goodness: Non-Violent, wholesome images that offer positive impact for children’s imaginations
  5. Beauty: Engaging watercolor illustrations in natural colors and shapes to please young eyes

Why we Love Enchantmint’s Music and Treasure Boxes

musical jewelry box

I knew as soon as this arrived that I would have to snap quick pictures before my four-year-old ran off with the music box. Once I set it up in her room she played with it for hours, opening and closing it, learning how it worked. She chose her own costume jewelry to put inside the music box so that she could be just like mommy and have her own jewelry box. We received the Ballet Shoes Music Box and it is the perfect size for a young girl who has just showed interest in jewelry and hair bows. It has one small compartment that can be removed to add trinkets to the bottom storage space. My daughter LOVED the pink design and danced along with the beautiful ballerina. She even recognized the song the music box plays as it was featured in an episode of Little Einsteins! I highly recommend it as a Christmas gift for any little girls in your family who are playing dress-up; it is the perfect storage option.

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