Getting Clean Has Never Smelled So Good

Getting Clean Has Never Smelled So Good - Soft Soap Earth Blends Liquid and Bar Soap

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I’m getting so tired and fed up with this cold weather and all I want is to be whisked away to somewhere nice and hot.  I’m dreaming of leaving these wet and snowy days in the past. I’m the kind of gal that loves it hot and enjoys everything summer. So I’ve finally found a way to get that little bit of summer in the middle of winter.

One of my favorite things to do is draw a nice, hot, steamy bath and soak until all my cares have vanished and with the help of SoftSoap Earths Blend, I can do just that! Getting clean has never smelled so good. The new Earth Blends smell AMAZING! There are three different scents to the Earths Blend line: Pink Grapefruit & CucumberPomegranate & Plum, Coconut & FigMy favorite is the Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber. It’s the perfect mix of scents and leaves you feeling super clean.

Getting Clean Has Never Smelled So Good - Soft Soap Body Wash

It’s like my own tropical getaway even if it’s just a trip to the washroom. All mom’s know sometimes those few minutes are your saving sanity.

Getting clean has never smelled so good! 


Having so many little ones running around one of our major concerns is stopping sickness before it starts, so hand washing is a very important part of our wellness routine. My oldest just started school and I feel like we have battled every cold that’s come by her. She has always battled with really severe eczema and dry skin, so we look for a good hand/body soap that keeps her skin soft and moisturized. Sometimes her skin is so raw that any harsh chemicals will keep her up all night itching.  So finding something that is safe for her skin and alcohol-free also is usually a hard thing to find but Earths Blend is perfect.

Another thing I really enjoy about this brand is the fact that it’s made with all biodegradable cleaning ingredients. We always try and make sure that things we use in our house are not only safe for our skin but safe for the environment, too. I want to make sure that my kiddos have something to enjoy when they get older and using this product will ensure that they will have a better chance of having a longer lasting planet.

Softsoap Bar Soap

From hand soap to bar soap to body wash Softsoap Earth’s Blend has a soap for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out your local retailers to find your own favorite new soap. To see what’s available from Softsoap head to their website for more information on products. Did you know getting clean has never smelled so good?

Which Softsoap scent do you think you will like the best?


Getting Clean Has Never Smelled So Good



  1. Cristina Pop says

    I bet it smells amazing. And I love that it;s made of biodegradable ingredients!

  2. I think I would like the coconut and fig. That must have a fantastic aroma! I like that these don’t have harsh chemicals since we all have allergies and sensitive skin.

  3. Emily Fata says

    I love Soft Soap products, and have their liquid soap in all the bathrooms in my house! It ALWAYS leaves hands smelling fresh and clean. 🙂

  4. Awe, your poor daughter. I hope this is helping her some. I love that they are conscientious of our plant as well as of our skin. Every bit helps and Soft Soap is a big bit. I think I would prefer the Pomegranate and Plum shower gel best.

  5. So great that there are more and more biodegradable products coming to the market. Good to know they work and smell great too!

  6. Elizabeth O says

    A bit of summer in the winter sounds amazing and these products look really lovely. I do hope it helps with your daughters eczema too.

  7. I often pick my soap based on smells. I just love smelling good! I am going to have to check these out. I like the bar soap option.

  8. I love Softsoap! They have such great scents for their products. I always want to have a supply in our home.

  9. That coconut fig sounds lovely! Anything coconut instantly puts me in a better mood. My son has eczema too, so we are very careful with the products we use. I’ll have to give this a try!

  10. These look great. I love a good smelling soap.

  11. Everything sounds so lovely! I like scents that smell fresh, it’s perfect for Spring and Summer especially when the weather is warm. I’d love to try this brand!

  12. I’ve always been a fan of soft soap. I remember my mom always bought it so it’s a brand I’ve just always stayed loyal to.

  13. I would like grapefruit or coconut! Smells great, I have used other products by this brand

  14. I would like the Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber,

  15. I’d love to try the Coconut & Fig, I really like fresh smelling hair.

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