Get Your Hair, Skin and Nails Ready for Summer in 30 Days

Get Your Hair, Skin and Nails Ready for Summer in 30 Days

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I love challenges! It is a great way to set goals for myself and work hard to reach them! I am so thrilled to participate in the Hair, Skin and Nails challenge!

For the challenge, I received Healthy Delights Hair, Skin and Nails Soft Chews as they are vegetarian friendly! Before I started this challenge, I was taking another product like it that also contains energy supplements. However, during the challenge to stopped taking that and only used Healthy Delight Soft Chews.

11 Day results Healthy Delights Hair, Skin and Nails Soft Chews

As you can see in the picture, those are my nails after only eleven days! While I did not take a before picture, I had cut my nails the day before I started the challenge. I don’t like my nails too long so I keep them trimmed.

My nails also feel stronger. Before, they would break when I ate pistachios. When I pulled apart the shells, my nails were weak and break easily. Since I was take Healthy Soft Chews, my nails don’t break when I eat pistachios.

I have also noticed that my skin is soft and smooth. Thankfully the hot weather has not dried my skin too much. If my skin is dry, I have lotion or natural oils that I use. My skin feels great and I can tell my face looks smoother!

My hair is looking shiny and feels so soft! I can tell my hair has grown a bit. My eyebrows are growing in too. They were looking sparse, so it is is nice to see them filling out. I hope to see a difference in my lashes. They are very short and I would love to see them fill out more.

Overall, I am very happy with the results! The Healthy Delights Hair, Skin and Nails Soft Chews are simple to take. I take them first thing in the morning! The chews taste delicious too!


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