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Spring is here and in no time it’s going to be warm enough for us to sport our bikinis at the pools or beaches. With that being said, it’s time to kick our fitness gears into high mode!

I don’t know about you but for me, I get more motivated when I have cute fitness outfits to wear when I go out and run or go to the gym. Fitness gear has a purpose for me and I’m not going to waste money on gear if I’m not going to use them.

This outfit above is the newest gear in my collection that I have from Hylete.

I have the “just released” Insignia Racer Tank in black stealth and the Index II crop pants in black/gun metal. I chose black because the color tends to hide some of my imperfections.

Hylete is a web-based fitness store so you get better deals from them by them cutting out the middlemen aka retail stores. With it being a clothing store online, you chance it by the size guides. I don’t think I’ve found two different brands that I wear the same size in.  I chose the sizes large but they were a little too big on me, but I didn’t want to chance it by getting a skin tight size either. I actually needed medium sizes, but I made due with it and rocked it anyways.

They do have a great return policy, but if you know me, I’m just a lil impatient and was excited that I had a new ‘fit to sport out at the gym!

I’m big on product packaging and when I received my package I was impressed. Nothing more can say how the company takes pride in their products by making the package look appealing and sleek. This is what the package looks like when you receive it.

Hylete fitness gear

And then once you open the package…

Hylete fitness gear

#HYLETEnation y’all!!!

 On to my tank top!

Hylete fitness gear

My Insignia Racer Tank is perfect for me. I’m a lil embarrassed to say this but one of my underarms has a fat pocket that just seems to never go away also when I gain weight or am bloated, it goes to my back where my shoulder blades (aka back fat) are and I’m very self conscious of it. I’m very particular when it comes to tank tops and this made me feel at ease wearing it in public. It’s shaped great for my upper body. The picture above is the front side and the picture below is the backside.

Hylete tank top

The Index II crop pants as I stated earlier that I chose a larger size but they are comfortable and you can tell the material is quality made and sturdy. The material isn’t flimsy, so you can tell that they’re going to last.

Hylete index II crop pants

Hylete women fitness gear

They didn’t give me the famous “camel toe” that we all dread when we get some leggings/tight pants. So that’s a PLUS!

I’m not the type to take gym selfies unless NO ONE is there so I waited til I got back home to take one for y’all. Don’t judge me. ?

Hylete fitness gear

HYLETE is also getting geared up for their C3, Challenge for Charity starting this Friday. For each person that completes each workout, HYLETE will donate $1 to one of their five charities.

PLUS..The first 5,000 who enter will receive a promo code of $25!

Learn more on Hylete’s Story and check out all of the great pictures that fitness lovers post to their INSTAGRAM and stay tuned with them on their announcements and future promotions on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


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