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Get Thicker Fuller Hair Without All The Expense - Cell-U-Plex HaircareBeauty Brite Disclosure

Are you suffering from thinning hair like I am? Do you just want to add some volume and thickness to your everyday style? I am only 31 and due to inheriting thinning hair I have started to notice thinning and I have even been able to see my scalp due to hair loss. Don’t let another day go by worrying about your hair and invest in the Thicker Fuller Hair Line products to give your confidence a boost!

The best products to start with in this line of products is the Thicker Fuller Hair Thicken Strengthen Replenish Revitalizing Shampoo and Thicker Fuller Hair Thicken Strengthen Replenish Weightless Conditioner. These are just 2 of the simple steps you can take to replace your everyday hair care routine with a product that will get where you need to be in terms of thickness.

Thicker Fuller Hair Strengthen Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner

They both come in a 12-oz. bottle that will last you a very long time because it only takes a small amount! They smell great and the scent will last until you shower again. I love that I smell it when I decide to take my hair up and down at work and I have even had people ask me what kind of shampoo I am using because they can smell it. ( I work in a tight area so we tend to smell everything!)

If you need a more intense conditioner you can leave it on for 3 minutes and it will act as a hair mask providing the ultimate moisture that you need without weighing your hair down!

Thicker Fuller Hair Instantly Thick Serum

After I get out of the shower (while my hair is still damp) I like to apply the Thicker Fuller Hair Instantly Thick Serum. When I consider serums with my thin hair I always worry about it making my hair greasy or weighing it down. This product does neither and actually works almost like a mousse!

I love that it comes in a small pump so that I can just pump it once and I have enough for all of my hair (and I have long hair)! I use it from roots to ends making sure that I concentrate the least amount onto my roots! I was honestly amazed at how this worked to give me volume.

If you want to achieve the best results that you can with this product line I would suggest the also using Fuller Thicker Hair Thinning Hair Treatment! I wanted to keep this in my routine because it not only helps reduce hair loss, it helps to promote hair growth! With having a thinning bald spot at only 31-years-old, I am so glad that I can just use a product at home that will help without having to go the expensive route of getting doctors involved and it also spares me from embarrassment.

Thicker Fuller Hair Weightless Volumizing Hairspray

When you finish using all of these wonderful products you will want to use the Thicker Fuller Hair Weightless Volumizing Hairspray! This comes out light and one quick spray is all I need to set my style in place! My hair is flexible but yet it holds, and I have not even noticed any build up in my hairbrush after using this hairspray!

Thicker Fuller Hair After

I know I am super satisfied with the Thicker Fuller Hair line of products and it is worth a shot to see if they will work for you! I have had the joy of sharing these with my mom and she too is now loving the results of using them! The photo above shows how much volume my hair has just from letting it air dry!

What is your biggest hair issue?

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  1. Wow, your hair looks great! I also suffer from thinning hair, but I don’t think I could use this product if other people can smell it. It might bother my son’s allergies. Thanks for your honest review.

  2. I’m always curious about these types of products and whether work. Glad to hear they do. I could use a boost to my fine hair.

  3. These look awesome!

  4. Linda Jafaar says:

    Does the Hair Thinning Treatment helps stop hair loss and grow back hair on balding areas? And how long does 1 bottle of those last?

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