Get Fit For The Best Year Of Your Life

Get Fit For The Best Year Of Your Life
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The new year always seems to bring out the fitness resolutions for many of us who, let’s face it, need to get fitter. We know it. Trust me, we know. But, putting fitness goals into practice and sticking with it long enough to see actual results can be a daunting task, especially when the new year comes during the long, dark days of winter. Brr. Who wants to start a new workout regimen when it’s gloomy and nasty outside?

But, I don’t see the new year moving to, say, May when the weather gets nicer outside. So, there it is. We’re stuck with this winter thing. It’s up to you to not let it get you down so that you can still get fit for the best year of your life.

 Agostina Fitness Full Body WorkoutI like that the Agostina Fitness Full Body Workout consists of three 30-minute workouts, one each for upper, lower and core body areas. Thirty minutes seems do-able to me, not so long that I want to give up but still long enough that I feel like once it’s over I’ve accomplished something.

Sometimes, I end up not liking a workout video for one reason or the other. Sometimes it’s the way the trainer talks (too much, not enough, or whatever), sometimes I don’t care for the music selection, sometimes I don’t dig the exercises. This DVD is one that I really found myself enjoying, so it has made the cut into the section of my bookshelf rotation of workout DVDs that I like and could see myself doing on a regular basis.

Another thing I like a lot is that there is an app available for free download that has some really great features.

Agostina Fitness App

Agostina Laneri, as described on BioHealth site: “Born and raised in Buenos Aires, her love and interest in fitness began at the age of 15 when she started training in martial arts. At the age of 18 she decided to pursue her love for the fitness industry in Hawaii. After obtaining an extensive education background and certifications she began working at five star hotels in in Maui. She won Bravo’s Hollywood & Highland competition to join Sky Sport & Spa and starred in Season 3 of Bravo’s Workout.”

Tell me, doesn’t this pic (seen upon loading the app) make you wanna work out? There are several sections in the app menu that I find wonderful, as well, such as the twitter feed, chat function, the shop to purchase items from and the areas that feature workout videos and music.

App Menu

Agostina Fitness App

Agostina Fitness App

Agostina Fitness AppThe app makes the workout very portable without having to drag along a laptop to play the DVD so you can access some workout functionality no matter where you are. Even if all you have access to is a treadmill, the music tracks offer commentary to guide you through a workout on that equipment.

In all, I am really extremely impressed with this fitness DVD in a way that I haven’t been with many others in a long time. I’m looking forward to trying to stick with the fitness resolution with Agostina Fitness Full Body Workout in my arsenal.

What are your fitness goals this year? Do you think a DVD and a related app on your smartphone would help you stay motivated and active with Agostina Fitness workouts? Let us know some of your tips for staying motivated and getting fitter and healthier!

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Disclaimer: I received the above workout DVD for free to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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