Geraldine the Giraffe

Geraldine the Giraffe
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Geraldine the Giraffe, or La Jirafa Geraldina, is a children’s book about a young giraffe who gets sick, and one thing that really sets it apart from other books is the fact that it’s written in English and Spanish.  It teaches a variety of things: the importance of going to the doctor, listening to your doctor, and learning another language.

Going to the doctor is extremely important, and it’s really good for kids to learn that at a young age. If they keep learning that the doctor’s is a welcoming and friendly place, they won’t be scared of going there to get help. Geraldine the Giraffe will help kids realize that doctors and their offices are there to help us out and make us healthier.

Geraldine the Giraffe inside

The second thing that this book really helps kids understand that they should listen to their doctors. Throughout the book, the doctor that Geraldine’s mother has called keeps telling the giraffe to take her medication so that she can get better. Finally, when Geraldine takes the medication, she gets better! Kids will learn much from the lessons that the author offers throughout this book.

The other wonderful thing that this book has to offer is the fact that it is bilingual. Learning a language is really important in our culture, and starting at a young age is very important. It makes it easier to speak it later on in life. In fact, schools are being encouraged to start teaching a language in elementary school, rather than in high school. The Spanish throughout the book is really easy to read, and it could help kids learn something new.

Last of all, this book has some wonderful illustrations that are eye catching and seem really bright and colorful for children. I certainly would have picked this up as a kid, and I really hope that you pick it up for the young ones in your life.


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