Fun, Affordable Glitter Nail Polishes You Should Wear This Summer

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As a blogger, I love being able to test out the newest products in makeup, and skincare. One type of product I’m not always the biggest fan of is nail polish. I enjoy doing my nails when I want to relax, and I try to treat myself to a manicure every couple of months. However, I’ve never been a huge nail polish person. That might change when I was given the opportunity to test out some fun, glitter nail polishes ($9) from Morgan Taylor.

Details On Morgan Taylor’s Glitter Nail Polishes

If you’re looking for amazing quality glitter nail polishes, Morgan Taylor is the brand to check out. I was sent six shades to test out:

  • Glow All Out
  • Diamonds In The Sky
  • It’s Lit!
  • Disco Days
  • Liquid Bling
  • Holo Lover!

Each shade applies really nicely, but I will say Liquid Bling took a little more work since the shade is a lot lighter. I was able to get an opaque nail look with two coats and there weren’t any bubbles like I get with other glitter nail polishes. I use the little bottle with the pump of Zoya nail polish remover, and it did take a little longer to remove. I don’t believe it’s the polish that was the reason, I’ve only used glitter nail polish two or three other times so it’s still a little new to me.

Morgan Taylor polishes nail swatches

Morgan Taylor polishes swatched

Morgan Taylor Diamonds in the Sky

Morgan Taylor Diamonds in the Sky nail swatch

Morgan Taylor It's Lit!

Morgan Taylor It's Lit! nail swatch

Morgan Taylor Holo Lover!

Morgan Taylor Holo Lover! nail swatch

Morgan Taylor Glow All Out

Morgan Taylor Glow All Out nail swatch

Morgan Taylor Disco Days Platinum Polish

Morgan Taylor Disco Days nail swatch

Morgan Taylor Liquid Bling

Morgan Taylor Liquid Bling nail swatch

The colors themselves are stunning! They make great shades for the summer, but what I love more is that they’re on the muted side, which means they’ll work all year long. They’re also neutral enough to wear to work or school.

Are These Glitter Nail Polishes Worth Getting?

These glitter nail polishes are really nice, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to test them out. I’m not familiar with the Morgan Taylor and I’m a new fan! They’re affordable, easy to get your hands on and look great on the nails. I’m impressed!

If you’re looking for some fun nail polishes, or you just want to try a new brand, then I highly recommend seeing what Morgan Taylor has to offer!

New Collection of Glitter Nail Polishes

Morgan Taylor has announced their new collection of glitter polishes. Following the huge success of their Platinum shades, they’re releasing a follow-up collection with six new shades:

  • Caught In A Dream – Teal Holo-Sparkle
  • Frolic In Fairy Dust – Indigo Holo-Sparkle
  • Not Your Average Damsel – Purple Holo-Sparkle
  • My Horse Is A Unicorn – Pink Holo-Sparkle
  • Fit For A Fairytale – Red Holo-Sparkle
  • Just Like Magic – Amber Holo-Sparkle

The Journey To Wonderland 2018 Platinum Collection is available for a limited time and select salons nationwide. Browse the collection at or at your local ULTA store.

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