Fresh New Scents for Spring

Fresh New Scents for Spring

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Have you ever wanted to buy someone perfume for a gift but didn’t know if they would like what you picked out? This past Christmas my boyfriends mother had perfume on her list and I really wanted to get it for her, but I felt like it is more of a personable gift than I could pick out for her. I just knew I would get something that was something I liked and it may be too sweet, too musky, or to fruity for her.

Pinrose is the perfect solution to this problem and I know one thing that I will be getting her for Christmas and my mother as well! Pinrose is not only a website that allows you to purchase perfume, you can also purchase a set of 20 samples to try before you decide what fragrance you love! If this isn’t enough, they also have gift sets, which is my favorite part. You buy a set that includes 10 samples of fragrance, and also a gift card for a bottle once you decide which one you like the best. You can choose between the set that has a gift card that is enough for just one bottle or the set that has a gift card to get two bottles.

Pinrose full size bottles

What I really love about this site and the perfumes are that they are all very unique and nothing like I have smelled in the past. I will admit a little secret to you! I had such a hard time deciding on which scents I liked, so each day I took one of the samples and placed it in my heat vent in my car so not only did I smell it going down the road, I also got a nice fresh smell of it after being out of my car for a while and getting back in. This really helped me smell each one on its own and smell it more than once.

Pinrose pouch

It was really hard for me to decide between all of the wonderful smells, but out of them all my favorite is the Merry Maker and the Secret Genius! I plan on purchasing the Fig Jasmine Moss to add to my collection as well!

You can find Pinrose on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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  1. Cant wait to get my next bottle of this!

  2. I do that with samples too in my car. ?

  3. Wendy Pence says


  4. Katharine says

    Sounds like a great option for gift giving!

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