Fitness Friday 5/3

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday!  Time for Fitness Friday!  I started a new program this week.  It’s called DDP Yoga!  When I did a search on youtube, this is the first video I found:

Can I just say, “WOW!?” What an inspiration! Arthur is someone to strive for. He is motivating for sure! Who motivates you? What inspires you?

Before starting DDP Yoga, I was doing yoga with videos I found on youtube and hulu.  My favorite instructors are Denise Austin, Rainbeau Mars and Samantha Clayton.  I believe they are all found on the BeFit Channel on youtube.  I also do pilates on youtube, hulu or my workout DVDs.

I started DDP Yoga on Monday and just love it!  I had no idea yoga could raise my heartbeat!  I love the dynamic resistance!  I am using my own strength as resistance.  I feel so strong after my workout!  No need to go to a gym.  I love working out at home.

By the way, here is a screenshot of Arthur in one of the workout videos from DDP:


I have never been to a gym, nor do I think I could ever go.  First, we could never afford it.  Second, it would be too intimidating for me.  I have always worked out at home.  I can be as goofy and dorky as I want while working out!

For the last few weeks, I have not felt as inspired to workout or keep up with an exercise schedule.  I am unsure if it’s because we are in the process of moving.  Right now, we have two apartments.  We are slowly moving our things from our current place to our new home.  It is a little stressful to have half of our things in another place.  I just want our move to be over with!  We are only staying here until our lease is up because our son would have to attend another school.

So far, I am feeling a little more on track with DDP Yoga.  Sometimes, I just need a change in an exercise program.  I love having something new to focus on.

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