Fitness Friday 5/17

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Fitness Friday

Hello Friday!  It’s Fitness Friday!  What a week!  This is our last full week in our apartment.  We are moving our furniture and the rest of our things on Monday and Tuesday.  We have our apartment until May 26th.  We plan on using all of next week to get the rest of our things moved and then clean this apartment as much as we can.

Even with our move, I am staying on track with my yoga workouts!  I am on Week 3 of DDP Yoga and love it!  The schedule only calls for 3 days of workouts with a rest day in between.  On my rest days, I have been doing extra yoga and pilates workouts just for fun!  It is nice to get a quick workout in if I can!

I feel a little stressed with our move and living in two places.  Half of our things are at our new apartment while we are trying to make it work in our old apartment.  We would love to just move to our new apartment, however, our son goes to school.  The longer we stay at our current apartment, the longer he can take the bus to and from school.  After our move, we plan on driving him to and from school.  Next school year, he will also have to attend another elementary school.  I am not looking forward to that change, but he seems to adapt rather quickly when it comes to school.  He loves going to school.  He loves riding the bus.  Once he gets a routine down, he looks forward to going.

This weekend, I read an awesome ebook that was really motivating!  I wrote down some quotes from the book that promote and encourage positive thinking.  I am putting the message of the book to work in my own life.  I read the quotes at least once a day or whenever I need a reminder!  The ebook is called Mind Over Money and I bought it on Amazon.

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