Fitness Friday 4/5

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday!  Which means, Fitness Friday!  How is your week going?  My son is on Spring Break this week.  It has been a long week.

My husband works part time and we’ve been hoping for extra hours at work.  The extra hours come if someone calls in and they need someone to cover a shift.  Well, my husband was sick during the weekend and a little into the early part of the week.  By Tuesday, he was feeling better.  He had a few extra shifts of work, so that will really help us financially!

This week, I have been focusing on yoga!  Earlier this week, I read an ebook about yoga and how it benefits your health and fitness.  Since I read the history of yoga and how amazing it is, I am now hooked on it.  I love yoga.  I am doing workout videos on youtube.  I love Denise Austin, so I am doing her yoga workouts.  I only do a 30 minute workout or less of yoga a day.

What workout programs are you doing?  How do you stay on track?  Do you have any healthy recipes to share?

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