Fitness Friday 4/19

Fitness Friday

Hello Friday!  It’s Fitness Friday!  How was your week?  For us, it’s been a little hectic!

We are in the process of moving.  We ended up getting our new apartment two months early.  Our current apartment lease is overlapping our new apartment lease. We would love to move everything now, but our son would have to change schools and we really don’t want to do that.

We plan on moving out of our current apartment by May 26th.  Since we have the keys to our new apartment, we’ve been moving anything and everything we can.  We are doing one or two car trips a day.  I am really excited and looking forward to being settled in our new place.

My husband has extra hours at work, which means I am taking advantage of spending time with him when he’s up and we are able to move our things to the new apartment.

My workouts are going great.  I am still addicted to yoga!  I am mixing yoga and pilates this week.  I normally workout in the morning but I am taking it day by day.  There are days when I exercise in the evening time, just a few hours before bedtime.

I may add Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire into my workout mix!

Once we are in our new apartment, I will have access to the fitness center.  I am really looking forward to adding machines to my routine.

I am looking forward to this move because we will be saving more money each month on rent and other expenses.  Plus, our new apartment is bigger!  Do you like moving?  I know it can be stressful, but this will be a great change for my family.

What workouts are you doing?  What workout gear do you use?  What are your favorite brands of workout clothing?

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  1. Laurie Damrose says

    I do an early morning jog or powerwalk.Then I have over 20 different Denise Austin dvds,I just got a new one!Sometimes I mix the short but effective workouts together.I like nike,New Balance,Old navy and Champion.

  2. Congrats on your move. I’m ok with moving especially when you save money and the space is larger. I own Turbo Jam but have never used it. I do however enjoy Denise Austin’s walking tape. I’m not brand loyal when it comes to workout gear.

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