Fitness Friday 3/29

Fitness Friday

Welcome to Fitness Friday!  It certainly does not feel like Friday!  My son is on Spring Break right now, which means he is home until April 7th!  Thankfully, my son knows I like to exercise, so he likes to help.  He tends to make sure I have all of my equipment I need.

This week, I am still doing 30 Day Shred!  I am still doing Level 1 and it doesn’t seem to get any easier.  I am okay with that.  If it is challenging, I am more motivated to keep at it.  I love that I still challenged when I do the 30 Day Shred.  The workouts are tough!

Even though she doesn’t want us to stop and take a breather, I still do.  There are times when my body needs a quick one, two or even three minute rest!

I am also mixing in yoga and pilates when I am not feeling up to doing the 30 Day Shred video.  I love adding something different into my routine, especially if I am not feeling up to doing a challenging video.

What programs are you doing?  How are you staying fit?  Do you have a goal you want to reach?  What do you use for motivation?


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  1. I like to mix weight training with cardio. Although, I haven’t done much weight training lately.

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