Fitness Friday 2/22

Purple dumbbells

Last week, I mentioned that I have been feeling unmotivated and in a funk.  You can see last week’s post here.  I ended up taking several days off from working out.  I am still feeling stressed out about everything.

I think my stress comes from the fact that I put too much pressure on myself.  Earlier this week, I saw a sign that said, “Let it go.  It’s in God’s hands now.”  While I am not religious, the simple message stays with me.  I may not believe in God, but I do believe in the Universe and a higher power.  Perhaps, I can think of it in terms of:

“Let it go.  It’s in the Universe’s hands now.”

That works for me.  I am trying to let go of some of the pressure.  Lately, I feel so behind on my online course that I am taking.

Sometimes there are things or circumstances in life that make me upset and I have to remind myself that I cannot control everything.  Everything in life does not have to be perfect to make me happy.  I need to learn to “let it go” and relax.  I am not sure when I started putting too much pressure on myself, but trying to relax.

Since I want to relax and focus on my center/core, I decided to go back to doing pilates and yoga again!  It has been several months since I have done either workout.  I am now working through pilates and yoga and switching between the two programs.  I have a handful of pilates and yoga DVDs to use, plus there are several free videos online that I could do.

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  1. Pilates is the best!

  2. Stress will play a huge role in any weight loss program. That is my favorite saying ” let it go”.

  3. Further thought: don’t stress about it! I’ve been reading so many recent studies that say exercise is more about moving than structured workouts. Working out too hard and too much just makes you hungry and you’ll eat more (one isolated view).

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