Fitness Friday 12/21

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Hi everyone!  I completely forgot about this week’s Fitness Friday post!  My son had to come home early from school yesterday because he wasn’t feeling well.  I knew he wasn’t looking good or feeling well but it was his last day of school for the year.  I didn’t want him to miss any more school than he had to.

How are you keeping up with your health and fitness?  I am doing my best to eat healthy foods and snacks.

I am still on schedule with my Les Mills Combat workout program!  I love it.  I am currently in the middle of Week 2.  Christmas is next week.  I am not sure if I am going to take both Christmas Eve and Day off from working out though.

It’s a little difficult to get my workout in when my son is home from school.  He likes to be around me when I workout, so I have to remind him to “stay back” as I don’t want to accidentally hurt him.

I hope to add Jillian Michael’s DVDs to my routine.  I just receive two new DVDs.  They look like a challenge but I’m ready to change my body!

How do you stay motivated?

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