Fitness Friday 12/14

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I want to start a new weekly feature called Fitness Friday!  I hope that by doing so, it will help keep me motivated and hopefully motivate YOU to be healthy and get fit!

I first started getting into fitness when I was 20, I downloaded a bootleg copy of Tae Bo.  I had the 8 minute video and I loved it.  A few years later, I saw an infomercial for a pilates workout program.  I did pilates off and on for several years.  I eventually discovered Turbo Jam and then Turbo Fire.  In between, I went between yoga and pilates.

I hate to admit it, but I start to get bored if I am doing a workout program too long.  I like to switch up my workout programs.


I am currently doing Les Mills Combat!  I just started last weekend and love it.  The program consists of mixed martial arts, HIIT, plyo, and cardio.  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is completely new to me, but I have always wanted to learn.  My parents used to watch Bruce Lee movies and I wanted to learn Kung Fu!  I am still learning the moves and trying to memorize what comes next in the videos.  For now, I am attempting to keep up and also learn the cues from the instructors.  The workouts are very intense but extremely fun!  I feel so energized afterwards.  Working out always makes me feel so good.

Do you workout?  If so, what programs do you do?

I am trying my best to eat healthy snacks and meals.  I am buying healthy foods at the grocery store.

Do you have any healthy snack ideas?

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  1. Debbie McMullen says

    I am trying hardd to commit to working out again – I used to faithfully! I love workout videos and Denise Austin is great too! Then sometimes I just put on music, even if I have only 10 mins and do my favorite aerobics moves 🙂
    Love that graphic btw – the pig and the fox!

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