First week of 21 Day Fix

First week of 21 Day Fix

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As I write this, I am on Day 6 of the first week of the 21 Day Fix. This week has been brutal and eye opening since I started this program.

The workouts are intense. I am blown away by the workouts but in a good way. I am enjoying the workouts, they are very challenging. I do like that there is a modifier because some are more intense for my level of fitness.

I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes but that does not mean they are easy. My body feels really great afterwards.

During this first week, I realized that I need to eat a very small meal/snack before my workouts in the evening. One evening, my body nearly gave out because I felt so drained and tired. I barely made it through my shower after my workout. It made me think about fueling my body before my workout.

Last night, I had a tuna sandwich and a little bit of cottage cheese and then did my workout. I could tell that it helped me with my energy as I did not feel drained afterwards.

The 21 Day Fix program has a very easy workout schedule, as it is the same workouts for 3 weeks straight. There are no rest days. There are some days where I feel like I am going to quit, but I want to push through it. I am challenging myself to get through this.

While I am only in week one, I feel different and I am seeing results. I could eat much better than I am but I am very happy with the program so far!

If you are interested in getting fit and healthy with me, be sure to check out my Beach Body Coach website. In addition to my workouts, I also drink Shakeology every day.


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