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Find Your Fashion

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I’m always looking to add new clothes to our wardrobe, and I’ve found a perfect small business that I wanted to share. I first found this little shop last year, and have been in love with their products since. I always would rather buy from small businesses because you’re actually helping out an actual person and their family. In this amazing shop called Wild Pigeon Clothing, there is something for everyone. So let me show you some of the clothing that I picked out for my children and myself.

Who doesn’t love fashion? Are you ready to find your fashion with the help of a small business?

Rugrats Dress

As you can see, my daughter Ansley in her Rugrats dress.  Can you tell she loves it?

Find your fashion with custom kids clothes

Here is my son Salvatore wearing his stars hoodie!  Adorable, right?

Children’s Clothing

For those who don’t know, I have four kids (three girls and a boy), someone is constantly needing something new. I’ve found so many adorable things in her shop that my children love. In the past, I found everything from tees to dresses for my children. Wild Pigeon offers a variety of different styles it’s fashion to the max. I think the most favorite piece of clothing for the kids I found is my middle daughter’s Rugrat dress. We’ve received so many compliments on it, because who doesn’t love a throwback to childhood. From Disney to Harry Potter, there’s tons fun fabric’s to choose from.

Currently offered

  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Joggers
  • Blankets
  • Socks

Much More!

Find your fashion with custom cardigans

Find your fashion with custom leggins

(These leggings are so comfy)

For Adults
This is fashion made easy.

As a mom, I want easy pieces.  Here is an easy find your fashion choice!

My all-time favorite show in the world is Supernatural and anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am. I found some amazing themed fabric. I sent it to her, and the results were breathtaking! She created a grandpa cardigan. It’s so comfortable. It’s great to snuggle up in. She makes everything according to your measurements, making every product fit perfectly.

Find your fashion with Harry Potter Mocs

Store Specials: On her website, she offers ready to ship products, these are products just waiting and ready to be sent! She also offers a monthly Pigeon Box (number of boxes are limited each month so grab yours fast), full of goodies to fit that month’s theme! If you join the Facebook group she offers Fluff Of The Week ( FOTW), which is a select number of created items and this is where you can grab your custom spots. Custom spots are either with existing fabric she has (fabrics are located in an album) or you can send your own fabric in like I did. Her Facebook group is also where she runs preorders for fabrics that will be coming out.

Fashion and Fun all in one place. She makes it easy to find your fashion.

About the Owner: The Wild Pigeon Clothing team is lead by the AMAZING Nicole, she is a WAHM how has a beautiful little girl who was the inspiration that started it all. Her daughter loves The Pigeon books by Mo Willems which is how she decided on the name, which fits her beautiful girl perfectly!

Find your fashion with a custom tee

I love Wild Pigeon Clothing. I am so glad that I got the chance to share it. I hope you love it as much as I do. For more information on Wild Pigeon visit their:


Are you ready to find your fashion?  Let me know what pieces you would choose for your kids!


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  1. Well, my boys wear graphic tees and jeans. Actually, that is pretty much what I wear, too. We are pretty boring when it comes to clothes around here LOL.

  2. My boys are always in Joggers and graphic tees, I’m a Jeans and t shirt gal too. I love the stars hoodie and it would totally be something that my boys would both wear. The dress is adorable too. Though I don’t wear leggings for anything other than lounging around the house I love the ones you have. I love finding small business that make clothing. They always have the best stuff!

  3. I haven’t heard of this shop before. My daughter would love these clothes. She loves to express herself through her clothing choices.

  4. theclutterboxblog says

    I love shopping local or small shop vs mass. The rugrats dress is so awesome, I know so many people who would love that!! You’ve definitely found a great place to go too!

  5. Your girls are so beautiful and silly! You and they are perfect little models for the colorful clothes you picked!

  6. Ok I am SO jealous I didn’t have that Rugrats dress as a child. I LOVE IT!!! Your girls are awesome!

  7. These clothes are so much fun! Any kid (or grown up kid) would love to wear these cuties!

  8. I love all the colors and patterns and it would be tough not to enjoy those clothes especially for the kids! I would love to check out all their other options!

  9. So supernatural is my FAVE as well! Like to the point i went to a convention a while back and it was the best weekend of my life and my husband ( a real car guy) is searching for my 67 impala we are going to restore together lol.

    • There is a convention this summer where we live and I’m PRAYing i’ll have enough to go but pictures with Jensen are $169 o.o

  10. I haven’t heard of this brand of clothing but it looks very cute. My daughters like shirts that have fun patterns and things like that.

  11. kimmieklewis says

    it’s so fun to watch your kids come up with their own look. some kids know from day one what they like

  12. Your kids are so cute and the clothes are so much fun. That store is a real find. I wish my kids were young again to dress them up.

  13. Love all those pretty designs, I want one of those dresses for my daughter!

  14. Having 5 kids I totally understand you when someone always needs something. I have 1 girl and 4 boys and I swear the boys eat their clothes. I love these neat fashion pieces. Love the Rugrats dress!

  15. Your kids should be brand ambassadors for this clothing line. They do it so well and make it look so fab. I love the bold prints. I like that she custom makes the clothes!

  16. I’ve never heard of this before! But with 7 and soon to be 8 kids it sounds like it would be worth checking out! Love all the clothes!

  17. What a fun company! My youngest daughter is two and also loves the pigeon books! She got all her big sister’s hand me down books and asks to read them every night.

  18. Pigeon has a wide range of products, I love those outfits that you’ve wear! so adorable!

  19. I love her little regrets dress! It’s so cute! I wish I could make my kids clothes.

  20. Really some colourful and creative wear!

  21. Nice post !!

  22. Stephanie Z says

    I am also a fan of the show Supernatural. There are so many seasons to watch. It is great! Wild Pigeon Clothing looks like they have some nice clothes. I will check them out.

  23. I love suporting small businesses. The kids’ clothes are so cute and colorful.

  24. I’m all for buying from small businesses. It actually helps local economies. It seems like a nice shop.

  25. My daughter would love these!

  26. Jennifer Keating says

    Love everything about this post! The clothes are super cute, especially the Rugrats dress!!

  27. Bobbiejo m Patten says

    Cutie Pies

  28. These outfits are so pretty and cute.And so are the little models.

  29. Aw, such cutie pies, they look great in their new clothes.

  30. Lindsay A. says

    These clothes are adorable, & I think my nephew would love them! Thumbs up for supporting a small shop. 😀

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