Fashion Staples For Cool Weather

Fashion Staples For Cool Weather

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Crisp morning air blowing through my hair as I walk outside. This is my favorite time of year. The chill in the air, the leaves falling around me. I think it is the most magical time of year, all the colors of the earth surrounding me. approaches  

Fashion staples for cool weather!


Elle Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

For me one of the most important fashion staples is an amazing looking coat. Bomber Jackets are a staple of any era, bringing classic and classy together all in one. The Elle Classic Bomber is perfect for all needs. With deep double pockets, you don’t have to worry about not having anywhere to put all your most needed items. I have this problem with a lot of jackets is never having enough pocket room. Why do ladies clothes have so many issues putting enough pockets on their items, but with this you don’t have to worry. With a sleek black finish, this jacket goes with any outfit. For me, I’m not the skinniest person and the way this jacket is cut it helps hide those unwanted flaws.  An Elle Classic Bomber jacket is the perfect cool weather item, make sure to get one of your own.

Azura Gold

Santa Raindeer Ring

What is the next of the fashion staples you need to accent your cool weather look? For me it is about the little things, it is the jewelry that sets that look off. My favorite type of jewelry is gold, there is just something about it that is delicate and simple. Now Azura Jewelry has the perfect Santa Claus Reindeer Ring to spice up your cool weather look. I have tiny hands and one problem that I often have is rings tend to be to big for my fingers and look bulky but the design of this ring is sleek and dainty. This beautiful 18K yellow gold ring ( with a silver base ) is the perfect little glint of gold to bring your look all together. Did you know Reindeer symbolizes a companion for the journey of a lifetime and encourages you to unfold your inner strength.This ring would be perfect for a special thinking of you gift or a Christmas present.  Azura Jewelry is created for confident and fearless woman with a growth mindset, empowering them to create positive changes in their lives and for those around them, if you’re interested in finding out more about the company click here. If you want to add one of these beautiful rings to your collection be sure to visit here or check them out on Facebook.

What are some of your favorite fashion staples for cool weather?


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