What my family and friends think of my blogging

What my family and friends think of my blogging

What do you my family and friends think of my blogging? I often wonder if they realize how much work I put into my blog. I started my blog in October/November of 2010. It was after I returned home from my Grandpa’s funeral. I was a stay at home mom and looking for something to help fill my time. Little did I know how much I would enjoy blogging.

To me, blogging allows me to write about just any subject. I choose to keep it focused on family friendly topics. Over the years, my blog went through many transformations and makeovers. When I first started my blog, I originally wanted to share beauty recipes and then it turned into product reviews. I also had another blog before this one geared towards sharing freebies and samples. I wish I had kept that blog! It seems samples and freebie blogs are so popular.

As for my family, I think my husband understands to an extent what my blogging means to me. He knows I receive an unusual amount of packages of products to review. He knows this because the boxes and trash fill up fast and the products can take up a lot of room. He also knows that I am able to earn extra income from my blog.

My mom knows about my blog. She reads my blog and follows me on social media. She likes to read my blog and ask about the products I write about.

Most of my co-workers are aware of my blog. They mostly enjoy the extra beauty products I share with them.

Honestly, I think a lot of people take advantage of the fact that I receive so many products to review. My blog is one of my main staples in my life; I consider it my second baby. Blogging can be lonely in that I have a feeling people are friends with me because of the perks. I share very freely with my co-workers. I share the excess products that I have around the house. Every few months, I have to do a cleanup and bring them to work to share.


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  1. You do an AWESOME job blogging too! I love that you share with your co-workers so do I!

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