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If you are a blogger, you most likely have a Facebook fan page for your blog.  If you have a home business, etsy business, or small business, you mostly likely have a Facebook fan page.  If you have a page, you are using it to stay in touch with your fans.  We work so hard to build our fan base, but are we using it to our advantage?

Are you using the Facebook scheduler to your advantage?  Imagine, you are signing up for giveaways.  Why not promote them via your Facebook fan page?  Utilize your Facebook page and share your giveaways, reviews and other posts.

Step 1

Here is how to schedule a post:

  1. Go to your Facebook Fan page and click on the status box to type [or copy and paste] the message what you want to schedule.
  2. Click the little grey clock button on the bottom left corner.  From there, choose the year, month, day and time.
  3. Click Schedule.

And there you go!  Easy peasy!  You can do this for your giveaways, reviews or any other posts you want to bring attention to.

Ever since I have started using the Facebook scheduler, my traffic stats have gone up dramatically!  You can use the scheduler to cover times when you are not online to post for you.

If you want to improve your traffic and the number of entries to your giveaways, give the Facebook Scheduler a try!  It’s easy and such a great way to improve your overall blog stats!

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  1. Thank you for sharing how to do this. I keep forgetting about the clock and how to schedule things. Think I will take advantage of this.

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