Fabulous Fashion for Your Kids

Fabulous Fashion for Your Kids
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As the mom of four kids, I’m constantly looking to add something new to their wardrobe as someone is always growing out of the sizes they are in. Meaning we are always on the lookout for great prices and great style. I love to give my kids the freedom to have a lot of freedom on how they dress because being little they don’t always get to choose with big decisions but letting them pick out their own clothes is a fun way to let me express their personality.

Fabulous fashion for your kids!

Zack Henley Tee

Egg Baby Dress

Egg Baby Mary Janes

Egg Baby is such a fun brand of children’s clothing. From little baby to big kids there are fashion choices for every age! My son loves the ZACK SAFARI PRINT HENLEY TEE. This shirt is so soft and he loves all the animals on it. The best part is that it goes with everything, and can be a perfect fit with either a little boy or little girl.  My youngest is just under a year old and I found the most precious dress for her, the color matches her skin tone and brings out those big blue eyes that she has. And let me tell you about those little shoes, oh my word are they adorable! The OLD SOLES ROSE GOLD GABRIELLE MARY JANE SHOES are seriously so fashionable! I am so excited to add these pieces to our wardrobe! When I opened I went “AWEEEE” I just melted. ( baby shoes do that to me ) They are perfect for any outfit. For more information on these amazing clothes be sure to check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

What do you think of these cute outfits? Here are our choices for fabulous fashion for your kids!

Scenties headband
Green Apple Scenties
Sniff them Scenties

Now having three little girls what is one thing that I’m always needing? Hair accessories, any ladies ( or dudes ) with long hair can attest to the mysterious disappearing act of hair-ties. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to find one and they are all gone! So when we got these new Scen-ties we were so excited to try them out. They are so much fun because they smell just like those fun scratch and sniff stickers we had as kids. From headbands to hair-ties there is a favorite scent for everyone. From cupcakes to sour apple, you and stretch it, sniff them and then even share them with your friends! One of my favorite things about these ties is that they don’t have those pesky metal pieces that always snag and pull hair. Accessories are always a fun way to add to your wardrobe! Do you want your own Scen-ties? Be sure to check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

I hope you find some fun and fashionable items for your kids to love as much as my littles love them. I can’t wait to see how my kids to continue to express themselves with their fashion choices.

Which of these fun fashion items do you think your kids will like the best? 




  1. We all love to have great and cute clothes for our kids. The fourth photo is great!

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