Enjoy The Last Few Months Of Camping

Enjoy The Last Few Months Of Camping - Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick, Sun Stick and Skin Stick


Summertime has seemed to just slip away once the temperatures finally got comfortable. We love to camp and decided to stretch out our camping season for as long as we can before the New York winter starts to take over for the next 6 months. Camping in the Fall does come with some more unpleasant guests, BUGS! Even though the weather is starting to cool off it is still extremely sunny and humid!

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick

We generally do not have a lot of extra space in our vehicle once we pack our Vacation Home tent, air mattresses, comforters, grill etc. I try not to carry any liquids if I can because it just helps prevent leaks and spills. Let me introduce you to a little secret of mine, Dr. Fedorenko True Organic BUG STICK, SUN STICK, and SKIN STICK™.

This skin care line is 100% natural with certified organic butters and essential oils, no synthetic fragrances or colors, no chemicals or DEET, paraben- and phthalate-free, dairy- and soy-free, and gluten-free. These little beauties will be your absolute best friends because not only do they work brilliantly but they are so easy to travel with and compact — they take up no room at all!

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Sticks

These products have been  created by Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist Julia Fedorenko-Bitton and her mother/partner Dermatologist Dr. Larissa Fedorenko, M.D. They are hand-crafted in Sag Harbor, New York (love supporting fellow New Yorkers)! The Dr. Fedorenko True Organic skin care line includes BUG STICK™, a certified organic, chemical-free and DEET-free formula to repel ticks and mosquitoes; SUN STICK™, an organic, chemical-free sunscreen; and SKIN STICK™, an organic, chemical-free and fragrance-free moisturizer to rescue rough skin on elbows, hands, and knees.


If you are trying to squeeze the last few camping/hiking trips this Fall, enjoy the new Dr. Fedorenko True Organic line. If you are interested in them check them out at specialty shops in the Hamptons, New York City, Miami Beach, or in their online store.

Do you love camping? Would you be interested in giving these products a try on your next outdoor excursion?

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